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24 Mar
March 24, 2009

An interesting aspect of running Avery-Hess’ E-Commerce department is the opportunity it affords me to speak directly with today’s Real Estate Consumer. I talk with and assist rougly 100 or so consumers every month, and the conversations touch on a wide spectrum of Real Estate information and issues. Tonight, I had an interesting conversation with a consumer I will call “CONSUMER X.” CONSUMER X had requested some information via our website ( around 5:30 pm. I emailed CONSUMER X back and mentioned that I would call later this evening to see how I could assist.

I called and spoke with CONSUMER X around 7:15 pm, and our conversation lasted nearly an hour. CONSUMER X had a lot of questions about Real Estate, which was great, but CONSUMER X was frustrated as well. Frustrated at the lack of pictures available on listings of interest. If I recall correctly, I assisted CONSUMER X with information about 4 properties, (1 Avery-Hess listing and 3 which were listed by other brokers). The only listing with multple photographs showing the property was the Avery Hess listing. The other 3 listings had the following amounts of pictures respectively: 1,0,1. (Before I go any further, here is a shameless plug for myself and Avery-Hess: CONSUMER X is now working with an Avery-Hess agent to look for a home). But now back to the point of my post.

  • It is 2009.
  • 99% of consumers start their home search on the Internet.
  • There is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for not having multiple photos on your listing if and when you list a home for sale.
  • If you do not have multiple photos of your listing(s), GO TAKE SOME PICTURES OF YOUR LISTING(S) AND POST THEM.

I am proud to say that the majority of Avery-Hess listings DO have multiple photos posted. Kudos to all of our agents who work hard and represent their clients well.

On-Line is where consumers look for homes. Listings without multiple photos are routinely passed over by Consumers. Why? Because TIME is valuable. If you are spending your free time (which for many is at a premium) and you can find 20 Listings with 25 photos each, or 20 Listings with 1 photo each, which ones will you spend the time on?

MORAL: Post Pictures. Lots of Pictures. It makes Consumers Happy. It makes me Happy. It will make you Happy.

SEARCH FOR HOMES (and view multiple photos on thousands of listings):

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