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What words in our language have come to the fore over the last year? Here are the words that dominate our headlines, talk shows, and our own personal discussions: recession, depression, bailout, bonus, ponzi scam, scandal, housing slump, foreclosure, short sale, stimulus plan, toxic assets, AIG, Dow Jones, Bernie Madoff , rising unemployment, weak global economy, and on and on and on. It’s exhausting just writing these words.

Last night Vickie and I went to Stacie’s for dinner and to see our grandchildren. Chase is crawling like crazy, Lexie is the cutest little 2 ½ year old, and well, anyone who knows 4 year old Rachael knows how she thrills us. And last night was no exception. Dinner was great and later the 2 little ones were playing, but Rachael was sitting at the dining room table coloring (she stays in the lines, too). The following conversation ensued.

Vickie, from the next room:  Rachael, what are you doing?    Rachael: I’m coloring a bird Nana.     Vickie: Do you think I could get a kiss or are you too busy?      Rachael: I’m never too busy for you Nana.      Nana & Boppa look at each other and smile. When all those other negative words keep popping into my consciousness I think about the words that come from the mouth of Rachael.  When you’re busy coloring your birds today, don’t forget to make time for the people in your life who love you.

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