The Luck of the Irish

17 Mar
March 17, 2009

Leprechaun and Gold

Lately we’ve been discussing that now is really the very best time for purchasers to buy a home. Being of Irish descent I thought I’d give you some old Irish proverbs on this St. Patrick’s day to encourage you to get off the fence and make that important decision. Let’s start with a riddle. There are 5 frogs on a log. Four decide to jump off. How many are left? The answer is five. There’s a difference between deciding and doing. So you’ve decided you want to buy a house…..well do it. This really is the best time. You know, there’s this window of opportunity that will eventually be gone. “He is always in the field when luck is in the road”. The luck is in the road now, get out of the field. Prices are low, interest rates are historically low, there are incentives for 1st time buyers. Remember the laws of supply and demand. It’s time to act before it shifts.

“You can never plough a field in your mind”. If you’ve been thinking about, dreaming about, wishing for your new home, you must stop dreaming and make it a reality. Your dream home is out there. Start picturing your furniture in it and call the moving company. Today’s consumers are so much more informed because of all the information available to you on the internet. A few years ago I had by-pass surgery. I read up about the procedure and learned a whole lot about how the heart functions, but I never gave any thought to attempting the surgery myself. “Beware of false knowledge. It is worse than ignorance”. A Realtor will guide you through the process and insure that your home buying experience is a happy one (even if the Realtor is not Irish).

If you’re thinking you’ll wait a little longer to see if the market drops a little more you’ll run the risk of missing out on a wonderful opportunity. It was reported in the news today the housing starts (new homes) were up 22% last month, the largest increase in the last 19 years. When the media begins to report an upswing like this it is usually way after the fact. The tide has been turning for some time now so you must be ready to act. “Never iron a 4-leaf clover. You don’t want to press your luck”.

And finally, for those of you who will experience the joys of homeownership….”May your home always be too small to hold all your friends”.

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