Chasing Lions with Lucille Ryan

29 Apr
April 29, 2009

Late last winter, Lucille Ryan, an agent from our Tysons Regional Office came to us with an idea. Lucille is a top-producing Real Estate agent, and has been for many years. However, her idea had nothing to do with Real Estate. Before I share what her idea was, let me tell you a little about Lucille. Lucille is just a wonderful lady. She is very active in her community, volunteers at the local hospital, is very well respected by her peers in the Real Estate community.

Simply put, Lucille is just a great human being.

Now on to the idea. Lucille was raising money for an organization called “Chasing Lions,” a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting orphans and children in Burkina Faso. Lucille was able to garner tremendous support for this cause; I personally donated, and I know many others at Avery-Hess donated to this wonderful charity. This morning, Lucille sent me an absolutely heart-warming e-mail she received from her daughter regarding her efforts in the Chasing Lions project. Here it is:

Guess what, Mom?! There’s a new baby girl in the orphanage here and they just named her Lucille in your honor!!! Here’s what my friend Sherilynn (the one w/the closest contacts to the orphanage manager and whom I nominated for the State Dept award, which she won, in December) said:

“Today Patricia (orphanage manager) called me on her way to action social (Dept of Social Services). She was going to pick up a baby and wanted to know what to name the baby. So, i told her in honor of past donors who have really helped the the orphanage, if it’s a boy call him Ryan, if it’s a girl call her Lucille. So, we now have 5 day old Lucille living at the orphanage. Patricia said she’s beautiful (her mother wanted to kill her because she already had 2 other children ??? boy with that kind of reasoning you and i would have never made it :)). She’s safe now, with a beautiful name!”

Congratulations :))


What a beautiful story.

I, for one, am honored to work with a lady like Lucille, who reminds us everyday that there is much more to life than just Real Estate.

To learn more about Chasing lions, or to donate, click here or visit:

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  1. Charlie Carroll says:

    I’ve know Lucille for 15 years. She is a genuinely nice person with a kind heart. We knew nothing of Burkina Faso or Chasing Lions but if it was something Lucille was passionate about it had to be worthy. That child is truly blessed.

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