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31 Aug
August 31, 2009

Here at Avery-Hess, we hold the value of word of mouth very highly. For most of us, the opinions of our friends, family and peers matter a great deal when we decide what products to buy or what services to choose.  When choosing a Realtor®, why should there be any difference?

We recently received a thank you letter from a pair of very satisfied customers. In this letter, the couple poured out their appreciation to realtor Patricia Mancini for her help in achieving their dream of owning a home. These first time homebuyers complimented Pattie’s preparedness and attention to detail.  They were also thankful that she created such a comfortable buying experience for them.

She kept telling us throughout the whole process that she was going to help us find the home of our dreams …Her actions always reinforced her words.

Pattie also genuinely cared about her homebuyers. She was able to form a bond with her customers and in turn, they were able to trust their realtor.

…she listened to us, digested our needs and wants and provided us with information that was reflective of discussions and decisions.

I’d like to encourage everyone to share their stories and experiences. Avery-Hess cares, our agents care, and there’s no reason to let good work go unnoticed.

Follow this link to see the complete letter.

Patricia Mancini has been working in the real estate industry since 1984 and is currently based in our Springfield, VA office. Find her online at

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