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What Are Agents Saying About Avery-Hess?

In recent months, Avery-Hess, Realtors has undergone some changes throughout the company.

We’ve seen some personnel changes, along with the relocation of our Front Royal office. However, these changes are just part of the bigger picture here at Avery-Hess. Last month our President, Scott Avery, issued a letter to all of our employees and agents, which described the company’s overall vision and plan.

In his letter, Scott expressed our company’s focus on three main areas: customers, innovation, and long-term thinking. Concentrating on our customers—both sales associates and the public—lends itself to innovative and long-term thinking, which will lead to profitability and sustainability.

So given these changes and new company outlook, just what are our agents saying about Avery-Hess?

Scott, I concur wholeheartedly with your vision of the future and your decisions to move truly into the “new era.” I’m with you 100%. (J.A.)

Now when I tailor my listing appointments to replicate these significant changes, I have something [that sets me apart] (K.S.)

Bravo! I can tell there was a lot of forethought and serious deliberation [in determining our new direction].  [This is a] great inspiration for more success in the future. (J.S.)

Well put. Not every company and its leaders understand the importance of the “internal” customer and how to best optimize and manage that. (F.I.)

These are exciting times for Real Estate and exciting times for Avery-Hess. To learn more, visit www.averyhess.com or contact Scott Avery at savery@averyhess.com or Amit Kulkarni at akulkarni@averyhess.com.

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