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Sterling, VA Market Report – 2/26/10

It is very normal for the number of closings in January to be lower than totals in the month of December. At the end of the year it’s typical for people to race to get into their new home before the holidays, leaving January figures to pale in comparison. Almost every month the median sales price in Sterling has been going up. In fact, it’s now 18% higher than one year ago. Plus, the time it takes to sell a house in Sterling is down to 36 days, improving on last month’s 39 days.

Gaithersburg, MD Market Report – 2/25/10

For the month of January, the average sales price in Gaithersburg took a two percent drop from the previous month in large part due to the majority of lower priced sales. Thus the average fell from $312,311 to $298,534. Below you’ll find statistics as well as a full report for Gaithersburg, Maryland.
The 24% drop in the number of closings from December 2009 to January 2010 is nothing to fear.

Why You Shouldn't Give Up Facebook

I’ve heard a slew of reasons. Some users say it’s too addictive, while others complain that Facebook is too overwhelming. Then there are some who are at odds with Faceboook’s privacy issues, and those who just forget they even have a profile. Whatever the excuse, Facebook is a tool that is too valuable to simply give up.

To put things into perspective, with over 400 million users…

Stafford, VA Market Report – 2/24/10

January was quite a month…of snow that is! It’ll be challenging to compare last month to January 2009 or to even guage how this market is progressing so far this year because of the extreme weather we’ve had. We received three weekends of snow that made it very difficult for prospective buyers to view available inventory. On the other hand, the weather also made it hard for sellers to list their homes. New listings and pending sales were not what we had expected, however days on market, available inventory, and percent of original list price received at sale were all very promising.

Ashburn, VA Market Report – 2/23/10

The average sales price in Ashburn has bounced around like a ping pong ball from month to month for the past 18 months. Prices are definitely still lower than one year ago, but when looking at the median sales price rather than the average sales prices, you can see that the prices are stabilizing or rising slightly.

As is normal at the beginning of the year through early summer, more houses are coming onto the market. This bodes well for buyers who want…

Arlington, VA Market Report – 2/22/10

All the prognosticators have been making their predictions as to the state of real estate for 2010. On balance, 2009 was a positive year in Arlington. The total dollar volume of sales increased by 7% and the total units sold increased by 11%. The average sales price decreased by nearly 4% and the days on market dropped by 8.5%. This shows that while prices dropped, more properties were sold in a shorter period of time. January 2010 statistics point to some interesting things to keep an eye on in Arlington County, Virginia.

Out and About: Bistrot Du Coin (Washington, DC)

In the heart of the District, a small piece of France exists within the walls of Bistrot Du Coin. Located in bustling Dupont Circle, just across the street from the the famous Russia House, Bistrot Du Coin touts an authentic French experience with a focus on “good food at a fair price.”

“French, Fun and Friendly.” With a motto like this, how you can you go…

Google Buzz Part 2

Last week I wrote a post about Google Buzz questioning its long-term viability in the Social Media space. A week into it, I think I may have to eat my words.

In one short week, Google Buzz has already received over 9 million posts and comments, amounting to about 160,000 posts per hour. Buzz is also averaging over 200 mobile check-ins per minute, or 300,000 per day…

Rockville, MD Market Report – 2/15/10

Rockville serves as the county seat and is close to the geographical center of Montgomery County. The City and County have done a fabulous job of reinventing Rockville into a high-density and high-energy urban center that is focused around the Rockville Metro Center. A diverse selection of retailers, dining and housing is available in the Rockville area. It is a highly desirable place to live with numerous festivals and activities.