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Google Buzz Part 2

Last week I wrote a post about Google Buzz questioning its long-term viability in the Social Media space. A week into it, I think I may have to eat my words.

Chomp. Chew. Gulp.

In one short week, Google Buzz has already received over 9 million posts and comments, amounting to about 160,000 posts per hour. Buzz is also averaging over 200 mobile check-ins per minute, or 300,000 per day (source: Mashable).

Buzz already has a larger user base than Twitter (although I am still of the mind that Twitter’s long-term viability is dubious at best). While it will take a truly robust social media offering to dethrone the current king, Facebook, Buzz has a huge advantage over Facebook – its parent company, Google.

Google doesn’t want to own just the social media space, it wants to own your entire on-line behavior. Google’s doing it, and doing it effectively.

Consider this:

You fire up your computer. Using Google’s Chrome browser, you log-in to Gmail and check your email. While logged in, you update your status on Buzz, and touch base with a few friends in your network. You make some edits to a document you’ve been working on with Google apps, and check your web stats with your analytics account. While on the go, you stay in touch with all of your clients and on-line assets using your Android phone, and use Google to find the closest coffee shop. While at the coffee shop, you use you Google Maps app to map a route from the coffee shop to one of your listings that you need to check on, and Google voice routes a phone call to your mobile phone that you answer while sipping your coffee…

Wow. Double WOW.

Google seems well on its way to creating an absolute one-stop destination for anything on-line, desktop, laptop, or small screen. Google is even offering  ultra-high speed Internet access with its experimental fiber network. And to top things off, with its ready made advertising platform available across all of the Google-verse, advertisers have a one-stop shop to spread their message.

Instead of checking 25 different accounts and logging into 25 different sites – Google is aiming to make your on-line experience easy, quick and Google-riffic.

And they are succeeding.

Apple has cool devices. Facebook and Twitter have great Social Media sites. Microsoft has E-Mail, Productivity Software and a Browser. WordPress does blogs. Mapquest and Bing does Maps and Directions. Verizon and Comcast have high-speed Internet and broadband wireless.

Google has all of these things. In one place. Under one login. And usually for a lot cheaper than their competition (if not free).

Google is a force. A huge force. In much more than Social Media.

With everything becoming more complicated and fragmented daily, Google is addressing the one need missed by so many others: simplicity and ease of use for all of our applications in one place. With so many different applications, advertising mediums, software platforms, contract applications, etc. used in Real Estate by all of us, this is something for all of us to consider, and keep an eye on.


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