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What's all that Buzz about Google Buzz?

So what’s all the buzzing about?

Google Buzz

Google’s big news yesterday was their introduction of “Buzz” – Google’s twitter and facebook-like social media stream. This is not Google’s first foray into the Social Media space – see their Orkut product that has taken off and been successful internationally in locales such as India and Brazil. However, Google has yet to make significant headway into the Social Media category here in the United States.

In it’s current offerring, Buzz doesn’t seem like the product that will help Google make significant headway here domestically. While it integrates seamlessly with Gmail, and integrates with existing popular Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Picasa, Blogger and Flickr, there is a HUGE hole in what it doesn’t integrate with.

And that’s Social Media’s current reigning champ, its 800 lb. Gorrilla, Facebook.

Sure, Google does get some instant Social Media cred by boasting 150 Million Gmail users, but that pales in comparison to Facebook’s whopping 400 Million users. In fact, Facebook is far and away the most relevant player in the Social Media space by user base alone. Lets take a look:

  • Facebook: 400 Million Users
  • Buzz (Assuming Gmail’s entire 150 Million users use Buzz): 150 Million Users
  • Twitter: 18 Million Users

And Facebook is by no means sitting on their hands – Facebook is beginning to move straight into the Googleverse by launching its very own internal mail client. With 400 Million users (and growing), Facebook is poised to become an immediate player in the E-Mail space the second they launch their product.

So What does Buzz Mean for Real Estate?

Right now, nothing. Or everything. Or somewhere in between.

Social Media should be one facet of an overall marketing and brand strategy for Agents and Brokers alike. Social Media is a conversation – a conversation among groups of people who share a common interest.

If your constituency resides on Buzz, begin a dialogue on Buzz. If your constituency uses Facebook, utilize that. Bear in mind that there is no magic social media bullet – there are always going to be competing platforms, technologies and outlets for you to utilize. The key is figuring out which ones make sense for you and utilizing them effectively (that word is in bold for a reason).

Stay tuned, 2010 is going to be an interesting year for Real Estate, and the many technologies that service this industry.


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