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Spotsylvania County Market Report – 3/29/10

The Spotsylvania area market has definitely rebounded from the snowy beginning to 2010. Buyers seem to be coming out in droves, especially in the $200,000 and under pricepoints. We are in a very interesting time now as our inventory is down considerably, houses are not staying on the market for nearly as long as they were last year, and buyers are trying to make sure they go under contract by April 30th if they qualify for the tax credit…

What Really Matters in Real Estate

Sometimes you hear a story that makes you smile. A story so genuine, the goodness just seeps throughout you, warming your insides like a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Real Estate is moving. FAST. Technology. Social Media. Tablet PCs and iPads. Twitter. MySpace. Facebook. FourSquare. All of this technology, that at first glance, we assume can make our lives faster, more efficient. Take a step back and pause for a second. Take stock of what’s really important in Real Estate…

The Champ has been Dethroned. Pay Attention.

Something seismic occured in the on-line space last week. The tremors reverberate still. It has nothing to do with Real Estate. It has everything to do with Real Estate. Facebook became the most visited place on the Internet last week – edging out Google as the Internet’s most visited site by the slimmest of margins – 7.07% of all traffic to Facebook vs. 7.03% of all traffic to Google.

Silver Spring, MD Market Report – 3/11/10

When we factor in the two records snowfalls in February, it is amazing that anyone sold anything! Effectively a 28 day month got reduced to about ten decent selling days, but motivation is high among buyers presently in the marketplace. They see the price gains of those who bought over the previous 15 months and they realize that the down cycle in real estate has reversed and the next up cycle has begun.

To Protect and Serve

Real Estate is a challenging profession. It takes expertise, and know how, and determination, and passion, and about 4,000 other things to be successful in this business. Most of all, it takes an unwavering commitment to be hyper-focused on servicing the needs of the Consumer, and making sure, doubly sure, that your clients are protected.