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The Champ has been Dethroned. Pay Attention.

Something seismic occurred in the on-line space last week. The tremors reverberate still. It has nothing to do with Real Estate. It has everything to do with Real Estate.

Facebook became the most visited place on the Internet last week.

Joel Burslem of 1000 Watt posted about this very topic last week, and the San Jose Mercury News reported on it. According to Hitwise, Facebook edged out Google as the Internet’s most visited site by the slimmest of margins – 7.07% of all traffic to Facebook vs. 7.03% of all traffic to Google. But this is big. Real Big. People no longer go to the web just to search. They actually go to the web MORE to discuss things. To collaborate. To share experiences. On Facebook.

Let’s all sit up straight now and pay attention. Please.

90 some odd percent of consumers begin their Real Estate experience on-line. Buyers and Sellers alike. And now they aren’t going just to Google to gather information, or your Real Estate website. They are communicating on Facebook. Searching for information, sharing stories, getting the skinny on who to use and who not to use for their Real Estate experience. We have to be there. Real Estate. Brokers and Agents alike. We all have to be there, active and engaged in an intelligent conversation.

But wait. Hold on.

Before we rush like lemmings racing towards a treacherous Social Media precipice, let’s think. Effective use of Social Media, and Facebook specifically, is an art, not a Real Estate right. There are good ways to do it, and some not so good ways to do it. Your Facebook page should not consist of an explosion of listings, and sales pitches, and price reductions and post after post after post after post of the benefits of the tax credit and why you should buy now. Too many are.

Start a conversation. Craft a message. Carefully consider every post before you post it. Engage in a conversation, and stay away from the sales pitch. Reach out to your constituency and engage them. Solicit feedback. Create a community. Have your Facebook page be a Social Media extension of your Brand.

We have to do it. Companies, and specifically Google, see that Social Media is affecting the very fiber of our everyday lives (see Google’s Buzz offering). Let’s recognize this as an opportunity and engage Facebook and Social Media effectively. If you don’t yet have a strategy to do so, and do so effectively, get one, and do it RIGHT.

Remember, this is HUGE. Google has been dethroned. I never thought I would see it, the Internet’s 800 lb. Gorilla knocked from his lofty perch. If even for only a week, the shift from linear search to conversation is undeniable. Make sure that your voice gets heard.


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