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Avery-Hess recently posted on our Facebook Fan Page an article that explored the idea that 80% of our results are generated from 20% of our activities. The post in essence gave a Real Estate twist to the Pareto Principle. There were a lot of good tidbits in the post, and certainly some good takeaways for folks in any industry, not just real estate. That said, there was something about the post that just didn’t sit well with me. The headline. And theme of the post. The assertion of:

Realtors, Do Less and Accomplish More.

That statement makes my skin crawl. It makes me bristle and fume at its very notion. It is wrong, on so many levels, and certainly sends the wrong message to a lot of constituencies, not just Realtors.

Real Estate is a demanding profession, of that there is no doubt. It is not easy. In my opinion, it is crazy to even consider the notion that Real Estate professionals can “Do Less and Accomplish More.” That sounds like a catchy hook used by vendors who hope to entice the casual reader with catchy buzzwords and marketing jargon in order to have them sign up for a subscription for their platinum services or consulting package. I contend if your Broker was providing support and assistance, helping you navigate the Real Estate waters teeming with vendors, self-appointed experts and peddlers of unsavory and useless wares, you would not need these “Platinum Membership” subscriptions. But that’s a different topic for a different post…

So Why’d you Post the Article on Facebook?

This one’s easy. Because it was a good article, other than the headline that soured my disposition. There’s a lot of good information in the article, and many points are valid and should be taken under consideration. That said…

Real Life ain’t Easy, and Real Estate is Hard Work

There I said it. Why folks in Real Estate seem to gloss over this fact is beyond me. Real Estate is a challenging profession. It takes expertise, and know how, and determination, and passion, and about 4,000 other things to be successful in this business. Most of all, it takes an unwavering commitment to be hyper-focused on servicing the needs of the Consumer. Your client(s). Your clients are making the BIGGEST financial decision of their lives. Be dogged in your representation of them and their interests. Understand and anticipate problems and issues before there are problems and issues. Make sure, doubly sure, that your clients are protected.

Real Estate is not about you, and how you can do less and accomplish more.

It’s about your clients. And how you can do more, way more. Way more than is necessary to ensure that they have an unbelievable Real Estate experience. I think the post that served as the inspiration for my dialogue certainly has a lot of valid points about how Realtors and professionals can increase business efficiencies. I think the post also has a lot of good information on effective usage of time, and skirts around the issue of time management (which the post really should have been about). There is no shame in wanting to manage time better in order to increase business efficiencies, but to me that is a LOT different that doing less and accomplishing more.


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