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In ______ we Trust.

How great would it be if that ________ was “Real Estate Professional?”

I had the opportunity to attend a cinemeeting event hosted by Wells Fargo Home Mortgagethis past Thursday titled “Meeting the Market Challenges of 2010.” The content and information presented at this cinemeeting was mind-blowing. There was commentary and discussion about Short Sales and the Short Sale process, there was discussion of the REO “Shadow Inventory,” there was discussion and commentary about today’s Real Estate consumer. And then there was one topic of discussion that stood out head and shoulders above the rest.


Jeremy Conaway of Recon Intelligence Services waxed poetic about this very issue. And how important it is. And how in 2010, the Real Estate industry is near an all-time low with regards to this very thing. The very thing that is the most important fundamental building block of our business.


There is so much weight that is carried by this one little word. Five letters that can make or break any business or organization. Any sustainable business model has to built upon this foundation. There are a lot of ways that we can regain consumer trust. We can listen. We can counsel. We can give sound advice. We can understand personal situations and the specific wants and needs of our individual clients. We can partner with our clients to assist in a collaborative manner. We can utilize technology, data and real time market stats and information that we as Real Estate professionals have exclusive access to in order to provide accurate information to our clients to better enable them to make informed decisions. (Yes, believe it or not, on-line valuation sites really are not that accurate).

Jeremy was optimistic. He mentioned his son’s dreams of home ownership. His son’s dreams of building a better future for himself. He mentioned that people are once again buying homes for the right reasons, not as a way to make a quick buck. He mentioned that Real Estate as an industry would lead the charge to economic recovery – at a sustainable pace.

I think I agree with Jeremy. I think that I too, am optimistic. I think that perhaps Jeremy addressed the most pressing challenge of 2010 – TRUST.

I think that with what I see every day in this industry, given time, we will win back that trust.

I think that given time, that _______ will be filled with “Real Estate Professional.”


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