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What Really Matters in Real Estate

Sometimes you hear a story that makes you smile. A story so genuine, the goodness just seeps throughout you, warming your insides like a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Real Estate is moving. FAST. Technology. Social Media. Tablet PCs and iPads. Twitter. MySpace. Facebook. FourSquare. All of this technology, that at first glance, we assume can make our lives faster, more efficient.

Take a step back and pause for a second. Take stock of what’s really important in Real Estate.

I implore you.

Relationships. Helping people. Advocacy. Understanding the needs of YOUR clients.

Sheila Carney gets it. She lives it. Perhaps its because she has a mentor in her mother, Lucille Ryan who is just a genuinely good person. Perhaps it’s because Sheila too, is a genuinely good person. Perhaps it’s because this is not just a job for Sheila, it’s a passion. Perhaps it’s all of the above.

Yesterday, David Hess forwarded me an email from one of Sheila’s clients. A client Sheila met three years ago. A client who Sheila just helped with a home purchase. I smiled when I read it. A genuine smile, bolstered by the knowledge that we have a company full of great people, a company full of Sheila’s. Read on, and you will smile too, I promise.

Hi Mr. Hess: 

I wanted to send you a note describing the high quality person you have working with you.  My husband and I worked with Sheila Ryan Carney during our home buying process this winter.  We met Sheila during an open house in our neighborhood nearly 3 years ago.  My husband is in the Coast Guard and we have a 4 year lease on a rental home in Vienna that expires next month.  Sheila, upon first meeting, was professional and approachable.  She understood our situation and did an exceptional job of nurturing a well balanced relationship with us throughout the term of our lease.  This winter we were able to seriously start our house search and we had no question about who we wanted to represent us.  We had attended a lot of open houses in the Vienna area by this time and had interviewed a lot of Realtors from various agencies at these open houses.  Sheila definitely stands out in the sea of Realtors. 

Sheila’s professionalism continued through out the house search, to the closing day on February 25, and just last week I emailed her a question which was answered within 24 hrs.  It definitely shows that she enjoys her work and that she puts her clients above her paycheck.  She proved to be committed to our well being time and time again.  Living in an area that a half a million dollars gets a family a great shoe box or a bigger fixer-upper, Sheila gets all of the credit for us finding a solid move-in-ready home that is the right size for us at a price point that we can comfortably afford. 

I didn’t even think about writing to you, Mr. Hess, until at closing one of the seller’s agents said in jest that I should write you after Sheila assisted me with zipping my jacket on the way out the door.  If truth is spoken in jest, (I believe in this case it is) even the Long and Foster agent noticed Sheila’s professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to her clients throughout the entire settlement that day including the minor detail of assisting a woman with her jacket after a large purchase.


Grace B.
Vienna, VA

Avery-Hess has a mission statement, which we take VERY seriously. Our agents take this statement VERY seriously. Sheila takes this statement VERY seriously.

“Hyper-focused on servicing the needs of the consumer.”

Sheila lives this statement. Sheila understands this statement. She understands that it means looking out for her clients. Sheila understands that it means finding them a home that meets their needs, not hers. Sheila understands that it means caring, genuinely caring, about the people she represents. Sheila understands that this means something as simple as helping someone zip up their jacket as they walk out the door.

Sheila understands what really matters in Real Estate.


Connect with Sheila: www.righteam.com

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