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Silver Spring, MD Market Report – 4/28/10

Silver Spring is a suburb in the north side of Washington, D.C. in Montgomery County with both urban and suburban areas. Much of what is selling in Silver Spring are the lower priced units. First time buyers and investors have had a huge impact on the market They see the price gains of those who bought over the previous 15 months and they realize that the down cycle in real estate has reversed and the next up cycle has begun.

We "Like" Facebook, and Here's Why

With other content and advertising platforms gathering content from users and advertising others on that content, Facebook is taking a GIANT step in the right direction by leveraging its users/advertisers content to help the original publisher of that content. I think this model is setting up Facebook to become an advertising platform behemoth in the mid-to-long term, and certainly something all of us here in Real Estate need to be cognizant of…

Ashburn, VA Market Report – 4/27/10

It’s that time of the year when more houses come onto the market and this year is no exception. Ashburn has a great selection of homes and almost all of them are under 15 years old–the approximate age of the entire area. The greatest thing about Ashburn is that it is flush with such a huge diversity of homes, an individual or family can keep trading up or down in size and style without ever changing grocery stores!

Real Estate 3.0

The potential here is immense. No longer would our information delivery be constrained by the shackles of a “for sale” or “coming soon” etched in 28 pt. times new roman. We could provide relevant content about active and pending inventory to in-market consumers. Fast. Easy. In the manner the consumer wishes to access the information.