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From the Mouth of Babes

On May 7th, 2010 my life changed. Forever. My sons were born (and yes, that’s plural). It all happened so fast; a whirlwind of nurses and doctors, flying around, barking instructions. Tossing utensils. Delivering my children. 

It was controlled chaos.

And yet, amid all of this disarray – this amalgam of noise, lights and disinfectant – I was calm; enveloped in a shroud of serenity. A shroud knit from the fibers of assurance and competence. A shroud woven upon the loom of unconscious expertise. I was calm because I knew that the fate of my family, my wife and children, lay in the hands of consummate professionals. Masters of their craft. Individuals with whom I had the utmost confidence. Individuals that I entrusted with the life of my entire family.

It took less than five minutes for me to become a father of two.

After the babies were whisked off to the nursery, and my wife comfortably situated in her room, I did what every new father does.

I went to the Internet.

I looked up how to be a dad. How to change a diaper. How to feed. How to diagnose a fever. How to burp a baby. How often to feed a newborn. I perused articles, posts and manuals. I researched til I could research no more. And I came away overwhelmed. So much information, so many viewpoints – all probably appropriate and accurate – in a specific circumstance. But how will I know which viewpoint to apply in which circumstance? How will I know how to determine the innocuous from the serious?

I went to the professionals for guidance. For assistance. For interpretation.

I took a trip to the nursery, to see my boys and solicit help. I sought out the nurses. I asked questions. I asked for help. I asked for guidance.

I received all of it.

I was shown how to hold my babies. How to burp my babies. How to feed my babies. How to care for my babies. These professionals, these superheroes clad in colorful hospital scrubs, taught me, advised me and walked me through every step. They answered every question I had – and even answered questions I hadn’t thought of. They helped me sift through the mountain of jumbled information I gleaned on-line and organize it. They helped me make sense of it all. They gave me the training and preparation I needed to bring my boys home.

Great story, but what does this have to do with Real Estate?

It’s got a lot to do with Real Estate, trust me. For years, we have been assailed by the idea that the Internet will redefine what it is that we do in Real Estate – and to a degree, that has happened. But the shift has not been as monumental as some would have us believe. There is value – real, tangible value – in what a Professional in this field brings to the table.

Can Internet research help us as Real Estate consumers? Absolutely, yes. In fact, I think the availability of such an abundance of information is a good thing. A great thing. But what do we do with all of the information we find? How do we compile it? How do we organize it? How do we apply the right bit of information to the appropriate circumstance in our personal Real Estate experience? How do we remain objective in what is ultimately a very subjective and emotional experience? An experience, that for many, bears the weight of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We have to find a professional. A master of their craft. An individual who can answer your questions. All of them. An individual who can answer questions you didn’t even know you had. An individual who can guide you and advise you. An individual who can bring objectivity out of subjectivity.

An individual who can knit your Real Estate experience upon their loom of expertise, and weave you a personal shroud of Real Estate serenity.


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