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How To Make People Care About What You “Share”

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It’s quickly becoming a fact that Facebook is no longer just part of our personal life.  Companies, large and small, are now using the social media platform as a means to engage and build relationships with potential clients, and are utilizing social media to close business.

This leaves many of us in Real Estate asking, “What should I be ‘sharing’ on Facebook?”

Last Friday, I met with an agent looking to utilize Facebook as part of her marketing plan.  A good rule of thumb would be  to “share” at least one thing on Facebook every day utilizing our “80/20 Rule.”  Eighty-percent of the time, share something personal; twenty-percent of the time, share something professional.

The most important part of using Facebook professionally is not just to attract new “friends” or “fans”; it serves no real purpose to have the most “fans” or most “friends” if these people are not engaged with you.  Rather, carefully build your social capital and constituency.  Engage your following and encourage interaction to create a lasting relationship.

To help you get started on building these relationships, I’ve come up with my top 3 topics to “share” on Facebook:

1) “Share” Something of Value

  • Think about what YOUR clients would want to know about and be their maven of useful information.  Discover a handy tip or trick for home improvement?  Find an interesting fact or news story about what’s shaking in the industry? Share this valuable information with your clients. Over time, they will look to you as a trusted source of knowledge.

2) Ask Questions

  • The key here is to encourage your Facebook friends to engage in a conversation.  Asking a question as simple as “What they thought about last night’s episode of LOST” or something more meaningful like “What do look for in a new home?”  When you start to receive responses, be sure to thank them and use this as an opportunity to reach out and start a personal conversation.

3) Ask for Help

  • Utilize your friends to help you make a decision.  Asking for ideas of what to do that weekend, reviews on a new restaurant in town, or input on a product you are considering purchasing.  These questions open up the lines of communication to start a personal conversation about the topic that could lead to a business discussion.

I have found, personally, the “Ask for help” type of “share” gets the most feedback, but all of the aforementioned techniques can be utilized to build relationships and start personal conversations, the bread and butter of the Social Media game.


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