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MyLife in Metro DC – Meet Kristin

New Job. Check.

New City.  Check.

New Life …Chhh–what?!

Hello.  My name is Kristin and I am dropping everything, leaving it all behind, starting a new chapter in my life, and moving to DC.  (Well, Arlington to be exact, but saying “DC” makes more people go “ohhh,” so we’ll go with that…)

In the months to come I’ll be  documenting my adventures, trials and tribulations, ups and downs, and likes and dislikes of the Nation’s capital as it becomes my new home.   You can read all about it right here in this MyLife Metro DC blog.

My goal is to share my story with you, so that if you move to the area, or if you already live here, you can learn from my experiences, benefit from my insights, explore local communities, share in a few laughs and hopefully find out about some of the hidden gems the city has to offer.

That being said, I welcome you to my life and encourage you to leave comments, stories, tips, and suggestions of your own along the way…what’s the point of a journey (and writing a blog about it) if you don’t invite friends to come along??  …friend and snacks….can’t forget the snacks.


Want to know a little more about me?  If so, click on the video below…

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