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What's your Content Strategy?

The sky darkens. Peals of social thunder reverberate throughout the countryside.

A storm approaches.

It makes landfall just before dawn. Cold, bitter winds drive the storm inland. Real Estate birds are driven from their perches, jarred by the approaching tempest. Taking flight, they twitter vociferously about anything, everything. Wave upon wave of fan pages crash upon the shore, unleashing their fury upon the berms of relevancy. The blogosphere is buffeted unrelentingly; unfiltered messaging rains down from the heavens, over-saturating the once fertile soils of digital possibility. Night turns to day. Day turns to night. The storm rages on, fury unchecked.

All hope seems to be lost.

Just as despair sets in, something twinkles in the distance. Upon the far horizon, a glint appears. The winds calm, the torrent slows. A shaft of light penetrates the gloom. The skies clear, casting illumination upon the landscape.

The view isn’t pretty.

What started out as an idyllic, focused outreach has been blasted into a mish-mash of abbreviated thoughts and useless information; unintelligible shards jettisoned carelessly into the social space.

The Reconstruction

Last week, I met with a couple agents to discuss their marketing strategy. I sat with them independently, and listened to their outreach efforts, communication vehicles and implementation plan. Their strategy, and uncertainty on implementing that strategy, were eerily similar. Both agents were thrust directly into the Social Media maelstrom armed only with the questionable rhetoric espoused by vendors and various Social Media Marketing “classes.”

In the case of both agents, there seemed to be a lack of a clear understanding on what exactly they wanted to accomplish, and how to accomplish this as of yet undefined objective.

The focus for both of these agents, and for many others in Real Estate, was to Twitter, Facebook, E-Mail and Blog unrelentingly, without any consideration towards messaging or intent. To create their own unfiltered Real Estate messaging tempest, close their eyes, and hope for the best.

We took a step away from the precipice, paused, and took a deep breath.

And then we crafted a strategy, a strategy based on content. Good content. Great content. Relevant content. Content that meant something to the recipient. Timely content. Content delivered appropriately on the correct messaging vehicle. We talked at length about balancing messaging in the social space with personal outreach and traditional marketing. We talked about the seamless integration of on-line and off-line messaging. We revisited the importance of personal outreach in Real Estate. We discussed how it is far more important to have a consistent, clear, relevant message with focused delivery as opposed to an inconsistent message delivered across numerous channels to people who don’t care.

Together, we were able to create a clearly defined, and focused, content strategy. A strategy that gathered up and coalesced the disjointed shards of information in the social space to create consistency. A strategy built to withstand even the most furious assault from the unrelenting Real Estate social media tempest.


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