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MyLife as an Unofficial Japanese Tour Guide – Part 2

Hello and Welcome Back to the conclusion of my adventure being an Unofficial Japanese Tour Guide!  Miss Day 1?  Click here to catch up!

Day 2 – Thursday

Stop 1: An American Breakfast – 8:05 am

I took Saya and my sister to have their “American Breakfast” at a little bagel shop by my house.  As Saya devoured her blueberry bagel covered in cream cheese. I asked what she normally had for breakfast and she replied, “Rice or Miso Soup.”  I guess even on the other side of the world people like carbs for breakfast …just different types!

Stop 2:  The White House – 9:15am

Visiting the White House

Before Saya had arrived from Japan, I emailed her and asked what was the one thing she wanted to see most while in DC.  For her, The White House was the one “can’t miss stop.”  To make sure we could pack everything in, we woke up early and headed into the city. When we arrived at the White House, Saya’s first question was, “Does Obama really live here?  Right here? In this house?”

She was delighted to find out that he does in fact live there, and told me that she could not wait to make her friends back in Japan jealous by telling them that SHE went to the White House.  It was in that moment that I realized just how lucky I am to be living in DC – surrounded by so many important pieces of America’s history and only a quick metro trip to the President’s front door – still seems so surreal.

LAST STOP: Monuments, Monuments, MONUMENTS  – 9:45 am

The Many Monuments of DC

For those of you who have never experienced a stifling hot DC summer day, let me tell you, it’s no picnic.  By the time we walked from the White House to the World War II Monument it was a painstaking 96 degrees out, with what felt like  (and in VA probably was) 100 percent humidity.  We were already moving at a slow and sweaty pace but we wanted to finish the tour – so we trekked on to the Lincoln and Washington Monument, but as the Jefferson Monument looked like just a speck to us in the hazy distance, we decided to save it for another DC adventure.

As you can see in the pictures, even in our sticky state we were still able to get some great “jump” shots in at each monument to submit to the “Jump Because” website.  If you haven’t heard about this website yet, take a peek.  Started by four friends in Richmond VA, the site is based on the simple concept of sharing “jumps” and has submissions from jumpers all around the world.    I’ll be sure to let you know when our jumps are posted, and be sure to let me know if you submit your jumps – I’d love to see them!

Tourist Tip 4:  If you plan on sightseeing in DC in the summer – Start EARLY, like sunrise early to help beat the heat.  Also, be sure to check the weather so you can dress appropriately and bring an umbrella if needed, wear lots of sunscreen and bring plenty of water to drink to keep yourself hydrated – its HOT out there!

Day 2: Tour Complete  – 12:25pm

Our second day of sight seeing ended a bit earlier than planned, as it was just too hot to go on, but we still managed to squeeze almost everything into our morning tourist session.

As we headed back to my apartment to soak up some AC before the girls started their journey home, Saya thanked us countless times for showing her around the city.  But I felt like I was the one that should be thanking her – As a new DC resident it’s hard to take everything in and not get trapped in your “community bubble.”  Saya gave me the opportunity to experience the sights of the city for the first time myself, all while sharing a once in a lifetime family experience. Priceless.  First “Unofficial” Tour Guide experience in DC- Successfully Completed.

…oh yes, I almost forgot!!  I have to include a picture of Saya’s favorite animal from the trip… that’s right a squirrel – she said they don’t have them back home and took a ton of picture of then! Never know what your tourists will find to be the most exciting part your tour!  –Kristin

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