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Leesburg, VA Market Report – 8/11/10

Time to buy a house? If so, check out Leesburg, Virginia. Why? See the stats below and make your own decision. But it looks good to me….

The figures below reflect the Leesburg, Virginia market during the month of June 2010.

  • Homes for sale: 621 (almost the same as 618 in May, and close to the 614 one year ago)
  • Homes sold: 126 (up from 91 in May and close to the 132 of one year ago)
  • Average sold price: $436.670417,479 (up from 417,479 in May and up from $420,963 in April and up from $410,940 same time last year.)
  • Average days on market: 46 (down from 59 in May and 55 in April and way down from 80 one year ago.)

No tax credits, but the sales are still good and prices are stable to rising. Please congress, no more intervention in the markets, We need things to stabilize as they are now doing on their own, thank you very much! The real estate market is getting stronger everywhere in the DC Metro area as stable employment, low interest rates and good consumer confidence leads to a trifecta of positives for the market.

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