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MyLife Metro DC: Satisfying Our Sweet Tooth at Georgetown Cupcake

Valrhona chocolate cupcake with a rich 
Callebaut chocolate ganache icing topped with caramelized hazelnuts…

…Madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake baked with oreo crumbles topped with a mint oreo crumble-infused buttercream frosting…

It’s tantalizing, mouth-watering descriptions like these that entice locals and tourists alike to wait, at times over an hour, in a line that wraps around the block in hopes of reaching Georgetown’s very own tasteful utopia…

It doesn’t matter the day of the week, or the time of the day, when you pass by the corner of 33 & M Street, you’ll see them….The diehard cupcake connoisseurs.  You’ll see them as they wait, and wait, and wait, just to get a taste of the delight and decadence that is…

Georgetown Cupcake

Founded by two sisters, Katherine and Sophie, Georgetown Cupcake originally opened its doors at a smaller location on Potomac Street in 2008.  Due to the store’s overwhelming popularity, it was moved to the larger current location on M street.  Today, Georgetown Cupcake has its own show on TLC called “DC Cupcakes” and continues to grow and gain national recognition.

The MyLife Metro DC Mission:

Seek out Georgetown Cupcake.  Wait in line. However long it takes. And embrace all that is the  “Georgetown Cupcake” experience.

It’s 2:15pm on a Sunday and I venture to M street with my friend Deana.  She was in town for the weekend and we figured cupcakes would be the perfect way to finish off a fantastic weekend.  As we approach 33rd Street, this what we saw…

We stood there a bit discouraged but saw people weaving in and out of the front door at a quick pace and decided it can’t really take us THAT long to get in…so we continued on with the challenge…

2:25pm – We’ve moved about 3 feet in the line. I’ve noticed that while people walked by and chuckled as they saw us waiting in such a long line, they too end up in the line behind us… waiting… (Note: The store’s floor to ceiling windows look out directly on the line.  I think this was done to ensure you develop a deep jealousy for those already inside sitting at the tables feasting on their treasures…)

2:43pm –30 minutes had passed and we’d made it around the bend- progress at last!  We could see the delicately stacked and brightly colored cupcakes through the glass and when the doors opened we’d catch a small air-conditioned whiff of the sweet aroma that awaited us.

2:55pm – We’d made it to the doors …but still not inside.  I found a menu and we carefully and meticulously finalize our list: Lava Fudge, Chocolate Coconut, Carrot, PB Fudge, Strawberry and Red Velvet.

3:02pm – FINALLY we had passed through the doors and our goal was within reach! As we ordered and I listed off the cupcake names, the cashier doesn’t flinch as he quickly took our order. He was a pro.  Memorizing my small list of half a dozen cupcakes didn’t break his stride.

3:05pm – As I handed another employee our receipt, I noticed the towers of cupcakes lined up side by side and as quickly as our order was taken, our cupcakes were ever so carefully placed in their brightly colored pink travel box and handed to Deana.

Elapsed time: 50 Minutes.

It was then time for Part 2 –

The Taste Test:

We decided to try the cupcakes at my house so we share with my roomie and his friend and have more “testers” participating.  After we cut each cupcake into equal quarters, we tried each of the 6 and mmmm’n and yummm’n over each bite.

The Verdict:

We chose the Strawberry cupcake as our clear winner.  It was sweet but still light and we could tell the frosting had been whipped that day with the freshest of strawberries.  The PB Fudge cupcake came in a very close second.  Personally, I would be happy to eat ANY of them again!


After I started sharing my experience with others, I’ve been surprised at the passionate remarks for and against Georgetown Cupcakes; some claim they are DC’s undisputed best, while others say the city has many other cupcakes that surpass the store’s hype.

What’s your opinion?  Tell me who YOU think is best!  I’m going to take the top 3 candidates and pair them up against Georgetown Cupcake in a blind taste test for some of my co-workers (maybe even a reader or two!) and once and for all get to the bottom of WHO has the BEST cupcakes in DC.

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