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The Revolution will be Mobilized

I normally don’t get overly excited when I see a new piece of Real Estate technology. In fact, I usually ignore most of the new “cutting edge” technology that comes across my desk; generally what I see is neither “cutting” nor “edgy.” Most of it consists of a mish-mash of technological flotsam repackaged in hyperbolic cellophane, and trotted out to the masses like a pig wearing lipstick.

But last week, I sat up and took notice. I learned about a piece of technology that has tremendous viability in the Real Estate space. Vyoo. Joel Burslem of 1000 Watt wrote a short post about this company on Thursday, and wow, did it impress.

An offshoot of recent Real Estate mainstay Postlets, Vyoo offers Real Estate professionals a way to quickly create property specific web pages tailored for mobile devices. And to up the technological ante even further, Vyoo delivers that property specific page directly to mobile devices via traditional URL or QR code. In fact, every property specific page created has a unique QR code generated that you can attach scads of pertinent data and information to on the mobile site.

And it’s EASY.

In fact, as a brand new user of Vyoo, my first time out, it took me less than two minutes to set up a listing page from scratch (I do not actively list and sell, so I utilized a property listed by one of our Avery-Hess agents to test the system).  Other than a couple of issues I had with having the Vyoo template grab photos, it worked beautifully. But the part that impressed me the most was the implementation of the QR code.

By simply scanning the barcode with your QR code scanning app (available on most smartphones – I used Blackberry Messenger v to scan the QR code) it opens up the mobile site chock full of information, immediately (seriously, try it with your mobile device on this QR code, you’ll see).

The potential here is immense. Tremendous. As Joel stated in his post, it could kill the traditional listing flyer. I’ll take it one step further. I think it’s like a listing flyer on steroids. And HGH.

There is so much more that these QR codes can deliver content-wise than a listing flyer could ever hope to. Walkscores. Local school information. Recent sales. Market conditions. Percent of list price to sale price in a neighborhood and how it correlates to that specific property.


This is important. With almost 50 million users (and growing) of smartphone devices in the United States, QR codes may be here to stay. In fact, google’s Android phones, which did not exist a year ago, now command over 17% of the US smartphone market – a staggering rate of growth in a year’s time. And there’s Real Estate precedent for the usage of QR codes. QR codes are used heavily in Japan and the Japanese Real Estate market. And they can be used for so much more than marketing a listing. Business cards, websites, anything you can dream up online can be attached to a QR code. In my opinion, Vyoo’s Real Estate offering of mobile ready sites, QR codes and ease of use is just the beginning – a great beginning.


To learn more about Vyoo, visit them at http://Vyoo.it

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