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MyLife in Metro DC – A Relaxing Sunday at the Eastern Market

When I started the MyLife in Metro DC blog, I asked my friends to help me discover new and unique things to do around the city.  One of the most discussed and highly recommended adventures was a leisurely Sunday visit to the Eastern Market and Flea Market in DC. The other weekend my Aunt and her best friend were in town and we decided a trip to the market would be the perfect way to end their visit.  So off we went…

Located on 7th and C St., SE, the Eastern Market is only one block from the Eastern Market Metro Station (The Orange & Blue Lines will get you there).  If you’re driving, street and meter parking (no meter charges on Sunday) is available alongside Pennsylvania Avenue, North Carolina Avenue and other side streets.

We chose to drive, but only because I was dropping my guests off at Union Station afterwards.  My advice to you would be to metro it if at all possible.  This will save you a lot of time searching up and down streets looking for parking (even on a Sunday we saw many  “Permit Only” spots).  Plus, you’ll be doing your “green” deed for the day!

As you walk down 7th towards the Eastern Market, you’ll smell the aromas of delicious brunches coming from a plethora of adorable restaurants lining the street.  Many of these restaurants have outdoor seating available and on my next trip to the market I’ll be sure to head into the city early so I can enjoy an outdoor brunch before I shop!

Once you reach the end of the street, you’ll notice there are two separate sections to the market – the Eastern Market and the Flea Market at Eastern Market.  The Eastern Market, open Tuesday through Sunday, is part Farmers market (featuring local seafood, produce, poultry, pastas and more) and part Artisan market.  It’s located at the end of the street and inside the large brick building to the left.  The Flea Market is only open on Sundays from 10am to 5pm and has over 100 exhibitors displaying jewelry, clothing, antiques, and goods from all around the world.  When you walk down 7th street, you’ll find the Flea Market on the right, tucked inside a fenced off area.

We spent many hours walking up and down the isles and exploring both sections of the market.  We each found unique treasures to take home with us along our journey.  My only purchase of the day was a pair of dangly gold earrings for my friend Jessica’s birthday…I had been searching for weeks to find the perfect gift and was thrilled the moment I saw them.  Although I didn’t purchase anything else, trust me the urge was there, but I decided to wait for my next trip so I’d have an excuse to come back!

The Eastern Market was by far one of my favorite adventures thus far.  I would highly recommend the trip to anyone looking for a laid back afternoon where you can casually browse unique goods, find perfect gifts, and gather fresh ingredients to create the perfect home-cooked Sunday dinner.

Last but not least…here are a few tips that I gathered from my first trip to the market to share with you:

  1. Bring a reusable bag or backpack to carry your purchases – another “green” idea!
  2. Bring cash.  Many vendors accepted credit cards but I’d hate for you to miss out on a once in a lifetime find because they only take cash!
  3. Bring a camera and take pictures of your day…then share them with me on Facebook -I’d love to see what you find!
  4. And finally, there is little to no shade in the Flea Market area and it gets HOT quickly! I’d recommend dressing appropriately and bringing a bottle or two of water to help stay hydrated (there are also vendors selling them for about a dollar if you don’t want to bring them with you)

To see more pictures of my trip to the Eastern Market, visit the MyLife in Metro DC page on Facebook, and be sure to “like” us when you’re there if you haven’t already!


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