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The Hottest Ticket in Town

28 Oct
October 28, 2010 There’s nothing quite like the camaraderie of the crowd at a sporting event. Nowhere else in the world can you high-five random people, bear hug complete strangers and jump for joy with tens of thousands of people you’ve never met. Enter the Washington Capitals. On a Tuesday regular season game, the decibel level is astounding. For a playoff game on a Friday night, it’s indescribable. Read more [...]

Sterling, VA Market Report 10/27/10

27 Oct
October 27, 2010 After the big price increases that occurred after the December 2008 bottom, the Sterling, Virginia real estate market looks stable. Personally I would rather see a stable market than a rising or falling market. A stable market gives a buyer the opportunity to take their time and enjoy the excitement of buying a new residence. Read more [...]

The On-line Quandary

26 Oct
October 26, 2010 When not making me delicious double chocolate chip cookies and homemade minestrone, my mother-in-law Nancy spends her time running a successful small business. Much like many Real Estate agents she is a sole practitioner. Much like many Real Estate agents, she is fully dependent on herself to generate leads, service clients and generate revenue. Read more [...]

MyLife in Metro DC: Experiencing OVO before it’s OV-er!

19 Oct
October 19, 2010 For those of you who have yet to experience (or those of you that love) the wonder of human strength, flexibility and jaw-dropping talent that Cirque du Soleil brings to stage, you have an incredible opportunity to witness one of their awe inspiring shows, OVO, right here in DC from September 9th until this Sunday, October 24th. The wonderment all takes place under the bright blue and yellow tents of the Grand Chapiteau, perched high above the National Harbour. Read more [...]

Ashburn, VA Market Report – 10/19/10

19 Oct
October 19, 2010 Ashburn is a very stable market based on the stats and what agents are telling me. After the financial panics, people get back to the basics and ask, “where is a good place to live?” Then they go buy a home there. This is exactly what we have seen in Ashburn for the past 21 months since prices bottomed in November 2008. Read more [...]

Bristow, VA Market Report – 10/7/10

07 Oct
October 7, 2010 Bristow’s current housing supply is still at four month’s worth of inventory. Typically economists say that a six-month inventory indicates a balanced market. This low level of inventory is keeping upward pressure on prices in the area. Read more [...]

Rockville, Maryland Market Report – 10/6/10

06 Oct
October 6, 2010 There is around a four percent increase in homes for sale this year compared to the number for sale one year ago. However, the numbers of units sold is about about nine percent lower. The current average days on market, is still below what it was last year but it does continues to rise. Read more [...]