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A Hint of Napa in Virginia

In recent years, Virginia has earned a burgeoning reputation as one of the nation’s best wine producing states. While the Old Dominion is not considered the equal of California or the Pacific Northwest, it’s held in high regard, and two of the state’s finer vineyards lay just an easy jaunt to the west.

America's Best Urban Oasis

When people think of great parks in urban areas, Central Park in New York City and Golden Gate Park in San Francisco frequently come to mind. Often overlooked, but undeservedly so, is the National Arboretum in Northeast DC. One wouldn’t expect to find 450 acres of pristine forest sandwiched between two major DC arteries, but at the intersection of Bladensburg Road and New York Avenue lies one of the most beautiful parks in the entire country.

MyLife in Metro DC: Lobster Fest 2010

It’s true, for the better part of my 27 years on this earth, I’ve lived in what many would call the “South” (Virginia), but no matter where I might be geographically located, I’ll always be a “Northerner” in my heart. My Dad and Stepmom still live in Maine and one of their favorite things to do is watch my “Southern” friends eat lobsters. Of course, some of my friends have had lobster before …but no Red Lobster visit compares to a proper Maine Lobster Fest.