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MyLife in Metro DC: Oh to be a Hokie…

There are few things in life I love more than being a Hokie…and I’m not the only one. No matter where in the world you might find yourself, when you see someone wearing VT gear you can confidently belt out, “LET’S GO” and you’ll hear the excited response, “HOKIES” in return.  (I’ve actually tried this once while stuck in London’s Heathrow airport and was delighted with the result and conversation that ensued)

My friends that didn’t have the pleasure of attending Virginia Tech have told me they think my school’s alumni are a bit obsessive; I tell them we aren’t obsessive, just proud.  We don’t just wear maroon and orange, we bleed maroon and orange and football isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life in Blacksburg.

I personally feel no football season is complete without a road trip to watch your favorite team play, so this past weekend my boyfriend and I packed up the car and headed down 95 S to watch our team take on the Tar Heels while also visiting my old college roommate and her fiancé.

With my college Roomie Linda showing off our Hokie gear

This was my first trip to Chapel Hill and I have to say UNC’s campus is beautiful; its “college town” vibe made me feel right at home. Well almost.  My first hesitation came when I found out we’d have to “tailgate” in a parking garage – a foreign concept to this Virginia Tech fan!  But lucky for us, we arrived bright and early and were able to secure a spot on the top deck of the garage and found ourselves quickly immersed in a mini Hokie Tailgating Nation.

Hokie Nation

In true Tech fashion, a complimentary shot was handed out all in the area that were sporting maroon and orange by our elder neighboring tailgater.  We all gathered around, and as he lead the toast we raised our (shot)glass and drank to a Hokie victory!

We Are Virginia Tech!

As we entered the stadium, I quickly remembered that this was no Lane stadium. There was going to be no “Enter Sandman” booming through the speakers, no students jumping causing a thunderous rumble heard miles away, and no delicious turkey legs for sale.  Instead, I was greeted by a sea of baby blue (with little orange and maroon sprinkles tossed in). A stadium filled with thousands of Tar Heels ready to watch their team defeat the Hokies.

Entering the Sea of Baby Blue

Our seats were in a UNC season ticket holder section and while some spectators weren’t too fond of having “the other team” in their section, we had a number of UNC’ers tell us they secretly were Hokie fans and would still like us, even if we won.  And by the end of the third quarter, as the stadium started to look a lot less baby blue, our new friends held true to their promise and gave a cheery goodbye as they joined the UNC mass exodus towards the parking lot.  It was pretty clear Virginia Tech would be taking the day’s victory.

A Beautiful Hokie Victory

Overall, I had a wonderful time in Chapel Hill. I loved getting the chance to explore a new campus, learn about their tailgating rituals and share in the college game day experience with an ACC rival.  Ok…ok, the Hokie win might also have had something to do with why it was such a great day!

Don’t have time to head to Miami or Blacksburg to experience the last two Virginia Tech Football games of the season?

Fret not, there are more Hokies in the DC Metro area then you could possibly imagine and many of us gather at dedicated “Hokie Bars” to watch the games.  So grab your finest Tech gear and head over to Bailey’s in Ballston or Grevey’s in Falls Church and you’ll find your very own piece of Blacksburg right here in DC.

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  1. Kristin , I enjoyed reading about your day at the game . All 4 of my sons are in college ( VT , Ohio State & 2 at Radford ) and of course we all love The Hokies !!! I was actually looking for Jim Acors but as pretty as you are … who needs him !!! DJ Gerry Bradshaw

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