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MyLife In Metro DC: Southern Rockin at Red Palace

This past Friday, I announced the winner of the second MyLife in Metro DC giveaway. I was thrilled to let Laura Dudley know she had won two tickets and a meet and greet for the Truth & Salvage Co. concert that night in DC. Laura lives in Charlotte, NC, but was flying into DC just for the night to celebrate her birthday at the show with some friends here in the city.  I couldn’t think of a better birthday present to win and I was so excited to share one of my favorite bands with my friends and Laura!

The concert was held at the Red Palace; a venue spawned from the merger of two existing bars: The Red & The Black and The Palace of Wonders.  United the two bars have created a unique bar & concert venue on H Street. (Unders beware, unless otherwise stated entry is 21+ )

The Red Palace - 1210 H Street, NE

Located at 1210 H Street NE, we found it most convenient to cab to the venue (it was around $22.00 from Georgetown).  There was street parking available, but it appeared to be pretty limited. The closest metro stop to The Red Palace is Union Station, which is a bit of a hike at 1.2 miles away.

When you first walk in, the bar feels small and understated. As I approached the bar and ordered a PBR (they don’t serve Bud Light) “fancy” was not one of the words that came to mind but I did however find the bar to be very cozy.  The bar’s interior channels a New Orleans theme with dark distressed wood and walls, a tin ceiling and red velvet drapes. And if you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a cat (yes, a real cat) curled up next to the bar like I did.

Taking a "Catnap" on the Bar

Finding your way to the stage is a bit of a maze. First, you’ll need to walk to the back of the first bar and through a door that will lead you into the second bar. Then, turn left into the second bar (a right turn will take you to the bathrooms — you’ll want to remember this as there are none in the concert area) and stop at the stairs where you’ll pick up your “will call” tickets, purchase tickets or get your name crossed off the guest list. Finally, once you’ve been stamped you can head up the stairs.

When you reach the top of the stairs you’ll find a red velvet curtain hanging in the doorway.  You might find yourself having a moment of hesitation, a “what could possibly be behind this drape” moment, but as you pull back the curtain you’ll be relieved to find that you’ve finally reached the concert stage — not the inner sanctum of a Vodoo Shaman.

The upstairs has a capacity of 200 people and Friday’s show was sold out. We arrived during the A Thousand Horses set (the incredible opening band from Nashville, TN) and quickly found ourselves packed in surrounded by people.

The stage is set in the back corner of the room.  And while there is a bar upstairs, it is located in the corner diagonal from the stage.  If you are looking to get a good spot close to the front, my suggestion would be to get your drinks early so you don’t end up stuck in the back!

Truth & Salvage Co. on Stage

Truth & Salvage Co. took the stage around 11pm and was greeted by a packed house of cheering fans.  The show lived up to all my expectations – the band’s four lead singers keep the room’s energy high and as the audience sang along you could tell the band was having as much fun as we were.

After the show, I took Laura with me to meet the band.  The guys cheerfully greeted her, smiled for a few photos, congratulated her on winning the tickets and thanked her for spending her birthday with them. The band was truly a pleasure to talk with and they were all ecstatic to have such a warm welcome in DC.

Laura with Walker, Tim & Scott of Truth and Salvage Co.

When I asked Tim Jones, one of the band’s lead singers and guitar players, what he thought of that night’s show he replied, “We loved playing DC more than if Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington had all taken us out bowling! A sold out show with everyone singing along – couldn’t have been any better!”

Scott Kinnerew, one of the band’s other lead singers and guitar players, echoed Tim’s praises. He told me, “When you live the majority of your adult life sequestered in a van with five grown men, the mission of it all can grow convoluted. And to roll into a town where you don’t know anyone and you have strangers arrive in masses, singing the lyrics to your songs, well that has to be one of the most validating feelings ever, and it all makes sense again. DC wins the band appreciation contest, y’all don’t need more sugar you are too sweet!”

Overall the night was a huge success -I could not have asked for a better Friday night concert or a nicer band to work with on my second MyLife in Metro DC giveaway!    Laura left the show with some great pictures and a huge smile on her face and Truth & Salvage Co. left with some newly devoted DC fans.  And while I personally forgot to snag a picture with the band, I left with this awesome limited edition poster to add to my collection :).

Autographed Truth & Salvage Co. Poster

A huge thank you again to Truth & Salvage Co. for making this giveaway a success!

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– Kristin

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