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Baseball is Back, So it's Time to Take a Trip to Nationals Park

Yes, baseball season started today with the Washington Nationals losing to the Atlanta Braves. Sure, it was 40 degrees and gloomy, but baseball is back, and that means warmer days and beautiful evenings at the ballpark are coming soon.

If you weren’t able to make it to opening day, don’t fret. Baseball has the longest regular season of any sport, with 82 homes games, and the cheapest tickets around.

McLean/Tysons Corner, VA Market Report – 3/30/2011

February and early March have seen a downturn in the real estate market throughout much of Northern Virginia due to several factors, not the least being the colder than average winter weather. Tysons Corner, the shopping and employment center and unofficial downtown of Fairfax County did not escape this trend. Another major factor for Tysons Corner area is the massive amount of road construction for the Beltway HOT lanes and the expansion of the Metro.

A Special Season is About to Blossom in D.C.

There are two seasons in D.C. that people are always aware of. Coincidentally, they always collide. And while tax season leaves people scrambling, the blooming of the cherry blossoms provide a much more serene experience. The cherry blossoms are a Washington institution, much like Congress or traffic. You can’t think of this city without thinking of these beautiful early flowering trees.