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At Top Golf, You Don’t Need to be a Master to have Fun

The Masters teed off today, signaling the unofficial start of golf season for the general public. The weather is warming up and it’s time to hit the links.

Of course, most people’s golf clubs have been in storage somewhere for the past six months. And golf requires a level of practice that people just don’t get in the cold snowy months. Anyone that’s headed straight to the course after a winter off, knows it’s better to hit the driving range a few days beforehand.

But heading to any old driving range and smacking hundreds of golf balls can be a tedious affair. So if you are looking for a way to jazz up your warm up, then Top Golf in Alexandria is just the place to visit.

Top Golf is located directly across from the Kingstowne Towne Center at the corner of Kingstowne Boulevard and South Van Dorn Street. The massive facility is the perfect place to hone your game before the season kicks off.

What exactly is Top Golf? Well, in essence, it’s a game of competitive practice.

To play at Top Golf, one must first become a member of the range. But that’s simple to do. Top Golf has all sorts of membership deals for first-timers and friendly staff members are there to explain it all. A membership can be purchased for as little as five dollars, with a game (twenty balls) costing six dollars after that.


The higher level of membership you purchase, the cheaper games become. If you plan on going frequently, be sure to explore the multi-visit options. To play competitively, everyone in your party must purchase a membership.

After signing up, you’ll head to an electronic golf ball dispenser and receive a bucket of balls, each containing an undetectable computer chip inside.  These balls are assigned specifically to you and the system uses the chip to track your shots.

With a bucket of balls in hand, you are now ready to head to the two-story range, find a bay and start golfing. When it’s your turn, place your balls in the holder and drop one ball at a time through the dispenser so the scanner can read the ball and record your score after you hit it.

Throughout the range are a number of targets varying in size. Targets close to the driving range are smaller, approximately five yards wide. The further away the targets get from the golfer, the wider they become. In the middle of each target is a pin. The closer you get the ball to the pin, the more points you can score. The targets farther away are naturally worth more points. For example, the target farthest from the range, simply landing anywhere within the zone scores the golfer six points, whereas getting very close to the pin in one of the shorter targets will only net a golfer four.

There’s also extra points offered throughout the golfer’s round. The 11th ball of every game is a bonus ball. If you get your ball in a certain area of a certain target, the score for that shot doubles. Additionally, making shots in a row helps increase your score.

Top Golf can be fun for all golfers, no matter your handicap. There are all sorts of contests to level out the playing field. There are accuracy games you can play on the closest targets; consistency challenges for hitting the same targets consecutively; and of course, for the big hitters, driving contests aimed at the range’s farthest target.

Throughout your games, servers stroll through the area, offering food and drinks at reasonable prices.

If you are looking to make your visit to Top Golf a family affair, the facility also has one of the biggest miniature golf courses in the area. There are two different 18-hole courses. To play, it costs just six dollars for kids under 13 and seven for adults.

So while you may not be able to play with the pros in Augusta this weekend, you can feel like one, competing with your friends at Top Golf.


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