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Turtle Park Provides the Perfect Play Day

The calendar has finally flipped to May, and another school year is almost complete.

While that means endless days of fun for children, it can cause a headache for parents who are in charge of finding endless activities to keep their kids entertained.

There’s the local pool of course, but even that can get old.

Kids always want to do something new and fun. For children in the 2-10 range, a trip to the playground might make their day.

If you are going to take them to a playground, why not take them to one of the area’s best, a hidden gem?

Way up in Northwest, DC, between Cleveland Park and Van Ness, is Friendship Recreation Center. Tucked away in a corner of the center, on the intersection of Van Ness and 45th Streets, is Friendship Turtle Park. The park is popular among locals and it is easy to see why.


The park sits on a quiet street block, with very little traffic. Even so, the large space is surrounded entirely by hedges, eliminating noise and increasing privacy. To make things even better, the area is filled with leafy trees that provide lots of shade. There are also numerous benches to sit on while your children run and play.

While it’s a nice place for adults to go, it’s even better for young kids. The park is filled with playground equipment for a wide range of ages.

To begin with, there’s the gigantic sandbox. Turtle Park gets its name from this massive sandbox. Inside it sits a giant brown turtle with footholds for kids to climb to the top. The 20’ x 20’ box is always stocked with toys, from shovels to scoop to buckets to build.

The sandbox is just one aspect of the park. Turtle Park also has slides for children of all ages, from short metal ones to much higher plastic-enclosed tubes that are over ten feet in the air.

Throughout the park are wooden structures for children to climb all over. One giant fort has a tire ramp that kids must navigate to climb to the top. Another mimics a train and has small tunnels to climb through to get from car to car.

If you’ve never been to Turtle Park, then you are in luck. The time to experience it is coming right up.

On Saturday, May 14th, the Friends of Turtle Park are hosting their annual May Fair. This is the 14th straight year they’ve thrown the May Fair, and it’s quite the party for adults and kids alike.

The May Fair is full of fun family events that include a moon bounce, a dunk tank, pony rides, face painting a bake sale and a silent auction.

The Fair raises money for the park, with all proceeds used to fund the endless events hosted at Turtle Park.  From the recently held Easter Egg Festival to the Halloween Festival to winter story time, there’s always something going on at Turtle Park.

So whether you go for the May Fair or any other time, Turtle Park will keep kids satisfied in these coming summer months.


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