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DC United: A D.C. Franchise That Doesn't Disappoint

Sports teams in this town have a bad reputation for losing. The big four, the Redskins, Nationals, Capitals and Wizards, haven’t won a championship since 1991. And in the two decades since, those teams have combined to make the playoffs fewer than 20 times.

What is unfortunately ignored is that this city does have a perpetual winner, a sports team that has recently won championships and routinely makes the playoffs. And it is one that, as this season draws to a close, is making another charge toward the postseason.

It’s unfortunate because this team has the cheapest tickets in town and its games are easily the most fun and energetic event you can go to in this city.

DC United is the Washington franchise of Major League Soccer, the MLS, which began after America’s success while hosting the 1994 World Cup. Since the league was founded in 1996, DC United has won four MLS championships, made it to the postseason nine different times and produced some of the greatest players in MLS history.

Not bad when compared to the lack of success around this area.

This season, United, after a slow start, is making a strong push for the playoffs. With three home games remaining in the season, you can be there to cheer them on.

And why not go? It’s only the most fun you’ll have at a sporting event all year.

It begins with prices. Tickets to a Redskins game can easily run in the hundreds of dollars. And with the Capitals’ latest success, their prices have also skyrocketed. Not so with DC United. The cost to attend an MLS game is much lower. Tickets for the lower sections of their stadium run as cheap as $23 and go only as high as $60.

You’re also probably very familiar with the stadium United plays in: it’s only everyone’s favorite venue in the entire Metro area. United has commandeered venerable RFK Stadium, filling the void from when the Redskins moved to FedEx Field. And it’s just as you remember it.

The parking grounds are still vast, perfect for tailgating. Gates for United games open early, and parking costs just $15. You’d be hard pressed to find a price like that at any other local arena. With the small attendance for games, the lots are wide open, allowing people to set up, grill, toss a Frisbee and prepare for a match.

Once inside the stadium, if you’ve never attended a soccer match, you’re in for a whole new experience. While a ticket gets you a seat, try heading to the East side of the stadium, where Barra Brava, DC United’s ardent fan base, sits. Although sits is not the proper word, since no one takes their chairs during the match. Instead, rabid supporters with faces painted and hair dyed wave gigantic United flags, bang large kettle drums and chant some of the most creative cheers you’ve ever heard. Their section is in an older part of RFK, in the seats that used to shake and rattle during Redskins games. They still do for United matches, with hundreds to thousands of supporters jumping in a fervor for 90 straight minutes.

Any ticket allows you to stand with Barra Brava, but if you aren’t interested, take your seat and get ready for an exciting match.

DC United’s past two games have been thrillers, with the team missing a penalty kick in the last seconds of a tie with Chivas USA, and then with their star forward Dwayne De Rosario scoring an astounding three goals in the first half of their match against Real Salt Lake to lead the team to a resounding win.

The team’s next three home games are Saturday, Oct. 15 vs. the Chicago Fire; Wednesday, Oct. 19 vs. the Portland Timbers and Saturday, Oct. 22 vs. Sporting Kansas City. And with their playoff hopes heating up, now would be the time to support the DC team that’s least likely to let you down.

– David

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