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MyLife in Metro DC: Kegs and Eggs in the Morning

Chances are if you’ve celebrated St Patrick’s Day in Metro DC, you’ve heard of Elliot in the Morning’s infamous “Kegs and Eggs” celebration.  Fans of the Irish holiday, rock music and weekday drinking unite for a morning of bands, brews and best of all free entry.

Even before moving to DC, I had heard tales of this fun filled day and made sure it was on my “DC Bucket List”. I’m happy to share that last Friday I successfully crossed it off.

This year’s festivity took place at the 9:30 Club and marked the 13th Kegs and Eggs that DC 101’s Elliot in the Morning crew has sponsored. Performers Sleeper Agent, Anberlin, and Carbon Leaf took the stage along side guest host comedian Bert Kreischer.


Anberlin performing at Kegs and Eggs 13


Traveling to the 9:30 Club is easy by car or Metro. The Green Line U Street/ African American Civil War Memorial / Cardozo Metro Station is located two blocks away (exit towards 10th Street).  There is a parking lot for the venue and street parking is also available.

While getting there is a breeze, getting IN to Kegs and Eggs will require a bit more work.

One of the biggest appeals (or biggest gripe for others) is the event’s tickets are free – because there ARE no tickets!  The concert is first come first serve to those waiting in line when the doors to the 9:30 Club open.  This year, the doors opened at 7 a.m. and the line started to form around 4 a.m.

But don’t worry, if you’re not sure you can commit to a 4 a.m. wake up call, Elliot in the Morning gives “cut-the-line” passes away during the weeks leading up to the concert.  In my case, I was extremely fortunate to get a cut-the-line pass from my favorite Richmond friends, Carbon Leaf (thanks again guys!!) and arrived a little after 8 a.m.

Once inside, the festivities kick off in full force.  With no windows inside the 9:30 Club, you instantly forget that it’s first thing in the morning and the party gets started right away.  Well, almost.

DC Law states that no alcoholic beverages can be served before 8 a.m., so if you’re one of the first through the doors you’ll have to wait a little before tasting your first green beverage. However,  there was a delicious selection of breakfast paninis to help hold concert goers over.


Beer and Breakfast Specials


This year’s line up put on incredible performances and kept the crowd moving and energy levels high.  And when comedian Bert Kreischer decided to share an impromptu Irish jig during a Carbon Leaf song, even the band couldn’t help but join in the laughter and fun.  (I’ll let you all search You Tube for this one on your own!)

Carbon Leaf performing at Kegs and Eggs 13

As a nine time performer of Kegs and Eggs, I asked Carbon Leaf what keeps them coming back.  They shared, “Part of what makes Kegs and Eggs special is the spontaneity… we never know what’s going to happen…especially this time! The audience is amazing and it’s the most unique concert we play all year.  There aren’t enough kind words for Elliot Segal and the whole EITM crew… Elliot is definitely one of the good guys.”

After a few hugs of gratitude with the band, I headed out of the 9:30 Club and was quickly reminded it wasn’t late at night like it felt, but rather only a little after noon and I had the rest of the day to partake in St. Patrick celebrations.

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