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Make Father's Day a Hole-In-One With Miniature Golf Courses in the Area

This upcoming Sunday is Father’s Day, and with the weather expected to be wonderful, instead of buying gifts and cards for Dad, why not take him out for a memorable afternoon?

And there’s no better family fun than a round of miniature golf. It’s a game everyone from young to old can enjoy, and is relatively inexpensive. Plus, no matter where you live in the metro area, there’s a fantastic putt-putt course close by.

For Marylanders, there are several excellent courses to take advantage of. If you live in the northeastern suburbs of D.C. Rocky Gorge Golf, in Laurel, Maryland is a wonderful facility to visit. It’s situated west of I-95, just north of the Rocky Gorge Reservoir.

There, it’s a unique spin on the traditional 18-hole round of putt-putt, with one extra hole to play. That’s right, there are 19 holes at Rocky Gorge, one of which contains a big replica of the Washington Monument.

In the western part of the suburbs, the best miniature golf course around is in Gaithersburg, MD, just north of the intersection I-270 and I-370. Bohrer Park offers one of the prettiest landscaped facilities in the area, with waterfalls, ponds and streams, all surrounded by trees. Also, a round at Bohrer Park is very inexpensive. For non-locals, it’s just $6 to play 18 holes, which means a family of four can enjoy a round for under $30.

Of course, in this area, there’s always a chance that the humidity on Father’s Day could be overwhelming. If that’s the case, inside the city limits you’ll find the perfect place to beat the heat. In Northeast is H Street Country Club. As the first part of the name implies, the restaurant/bar resides in the Atlas District on H Street. But the second part of the name is a misnomer. There’s no exclusivity here, just, on the second floor, a full 18-hole miniature golf course that costs only $7 a person to play. While it is a bar, H Street Country Club makes exceptions on Sundays, which means that if you’re a family, this Father’s Day is one of the only days of the week you take your children.

South of the city borders, Virginia offers a multitude of excellent course as well.

Down in Fredericksburg, VA is Funland, which resides in the Central Park shopping center, right at the intersection of I-95 and Plank Road. A round at Funland always costs less than $5. And this summer is the first chance to try the newly redesigned course. It’s also indoors, so again, if things get hot, Funland is the place to be.

While all of these courses are fantastic in their own right, they all are outdone by one place out in Herndon, Virginia. Woody’s Golf is, according to Newsweek Magazine, one of the five best miniature golf courses in the country. Their jungle themed 18-hole course is an intense experience, as golfers are surrounded by a bamboo forest, while puppets and fake animals pop up out of nowhere, surprising golfers. Holes can be inside temples or require you to shoot across bridges while mist shoots out as a distraction.

Woody’s is an experience unlike anything around town, and truly something you should experience at least once. And this wild world costs just $10 to enter, not much different than any of the other putt-putt courses around town.

So challenge Dad this Father’s Day, and see if you can make Sunday a hole in one.


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