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Kids Euro Festival Keeps Children Cultured

It is very easy to stay cultured in Washington, D.C. With this city’s plethora of museums, galleries and performances, it doesn’t take much to keep your brain stimulated.

And while it’s easy for parents to enjoy the arts, it’s slightly harder to educate kids while keeping them entertained.

From science to history to other cultures, kids like to have fun while learning.

For the next couple of weeks, parents in this area will have no problem finding enjoyable and informational activities for their kids, all while learning about our sister continent to the East.

That’s because from now until November 14th is the fifth annual Kids Euro Festival, which takes place throughout D.C. and it is designed with young ones in mind. From puppet workshops to goofy magicians to funny plays, every activity is sure to pique kids’ interest.

The Kids Euro Festival is a collaboration between the numerous embassies of the European Union, all located in Washington’s city limits. Twenty-seven countries are participating in this festival, bringing in talented performers from across the Atlantic for an entire month.

Yes, the Kids Euro Festival is a month-long celebration. It kicked off on October 14th, and runs until the second week of November. It is now one of the largest kids’ festivals in the country, with over 200 performances during the four-week span. And participating in Kids Euro Festival are numerous famous D.C. institutions, including the Kennedy Center, the National Children’s Museum, the Goethe-Institut and the Studio Theater.

What kind of performances can parents expect for their children? Well, there is a multitude, as each country puts together a specific program, showcasing their unique heritage.

For instance, the Belgians are doing a musical theater performance, “The Child with a Violin.” This 40-minute show, designed for kids aged 2-6, tells the story of a famous accordion player who runs into a young child who is secretly a phenomenal violin performer. The play is interactive, as the duo embarks on a worldwide tour to showcase their newly formed group. The audiences picks which countries they should visit, and thus, what music they get to hear. The Child with a Violin is showing this weekend at La Maison Française, the French Embassy, and the next week at the Kennedy Center.

Even more interactive, and also at La Maison Française, is the opportunity for children to make their own puppets, learning from a Spanish puppmaster.

Recommended for kids ages 6-10, on November 1st, attendees will learn how to make their own puppets and will be walked through the principles of storytelling, giving them the the skills to make their own play.

At the Strathmore Mansion in North Bethesda, on November 4th, the Greeks are performing their own interactive play, “Short Dragon’s Code,” meant for kids ages 6-10. The play tells the story of four different reptiles, a dragon, a crocodile and her two brothers, who all live together on the river. The play teaches kids the importance of cooperation.

This is just a few of the hundreds of opportunities Kids Euro Festival puts forth.

But the best part of Kids Euro Festival is that every event is free of charge. Some of the more popular events do though, require advanced registration.

Which means there is no reason to skip one of the largest cultural events in Washington, D.C., and one of the only ones that is exclusively tailored to children.

– David

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