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Fireworks Pizza's Comfort Food in Comfortable Setting

This past week showed us exactly what winter is capable of: Temperatures in the low 40s, wind whipping a chill into your bones, and sleet coming down from the skies.

Weather like that is enough to make you want snuggle up and stay in your house.  But what if you could find the same lovely, cozy, living room feeling while also enjoying a delicious meal out? Fireworks provides you the perfect solution.

With two locations in Northern Virginia—one out west, in Leesburg and one closer into the Washington D.C, in Arlington—Fireworks Pizza’s two spots provide a comfort and warmth—with fireplaces burning in the dining space—along with an excellent menu and phenomenal beer lists. This should be more than enough to entice you from your heated house and into the winter evening.

The Leesburg location opened six years ago, in what was once the old Leesburg Freight Depot, and in under a decade has become one of the more popular spots in the quaint city. The restaurant cooks all their pizzas in a large, wood burning oven, giving the dough a crispy bite and rustic feel that is hard to replicate.

After their success in Leesburg, they expanded, almost two years ago, to a location in Arlington. Right on Wilson Boulevard, on the western edge of Courthouse, the new Fireworks Pizza is as sleek and modern as the Leesburg location, while still simultaneously feeling inviting and homey. Big chalkboards announce happy hour deals and the evening’s specials, while dinners eating at the bar can glance over into the immense pizza oven, glowing with chunks of wood, and watch their pizzas being cooked to perfection.

The pizza choices at Fireworks range from authentic and modern. Pizza purists will not be disappointed with the restaurant’s Margherita pizza, dressed gently with Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and little bits of torn basil.

For the adventurous eater, Fireworks can take you away from Italy and to other Mediterranean cultures, with toppings you wouldn’t expect to grace a slice.

Their Barcelona comes with Mahon cheese, a Spanish take on mozzarella, alongside chorizo and olive tapenade. The result is no less delicious than their traditional pie, tangy and zesty all in one bite. There’s also their own version of a Hawaiian Pizza, the Virginia Luau, which comes with local ham and roasted pineapple. Of course, those are just a few of the 15 various different pizza options, all very unique.

But as good as the pizza is, it may take a back seat to the beer list. Both locations of Fireworks have some of the best beer menus in the area. The constantly rotating drafts can feature IPAs from Seattle, lagers from Brooklyn, stouts from Michigan and ales from Colorado.

Alongside the drafts, Fireworks also always keeps two cask ales behind the bar. Cask beer is unfiltered, and not carbonated with an addition of nitrogen, allowing for the natural fermentation from the brewing process to come through. Currently at Fireworks, the bar has two local cask ales available to try, both from brewers in Maryland. It’s the perfect way to wash down a bite.

Pizza and beer may sometimes have a casual connotation, but at Fireworks Pizza in both Leesburg and Courthouse, it’s taking on a high-end flavor.

– David



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