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The Magical Seussical Finishes its Run at Imagination Stage

With the wide array of entertainment options available for children, it can be hard to get everyone to agree on one. But for most all kids, there’s been one popular item in everyone’s childhood.

That is the works of Doctor Seuss. Be it Green Eggs and Ham or the Cat in the Hat or Oh, The Places You Will Go!, almost every child, and by virtue, nearly every parent, has at some point snuggled up with and enjoyed the works of Thedor Giesel.

And because his illustrations and stories are so vivid, so lively, it’s hard to remember that you’re only reading a book.

But what if all those marvelous characters could come to life? For kids to watch in person, see run around in a mystical world, a place containing almost everyone from many Doctor Seuss books. Where you could see a cat in a stovepipe hat talking to the Lorax, while Horton hears a who standing next to Cindy Lou.

Well, in 2000, a playwright and a composer went about doing just that, creating a Doctor Seuss musical. What came about from their work was Seussical, a musical adventure comprised of characters from almost 20 of Doctor Seuss’s children’s books, all set in a new adventure where they all interact.

The play’s colorful sets and brand new story have been entertaining children for years, excited to see a re-imagination of their favorite author. The story of Suessical follows Horton the Elephant, as he magically winds up in Whoville and runs into an array of Doctor Seuss’s most well-known characters who help him through his journey.

The play debuted in Broadway and after a long run has traveled across the country. Now, right here in Bethesda, the Imagination Stage is putting on its own production, the perfect chance for kids to see many of their cherished characters all in one place.

The Imagination Stage has been around this area in some form for almost three decades. In 2003, they moved to their current location, in downtown Bethesda, Maryland, right off of Old Georgetown Road. The Imagination Stage is one of the biggest and most well-known youth theater arts programs in the country. Year round they perform on works for children from ages 1-18, while teaching an array of classes. They also offer both after-school programs and summer camps.

The Imagination Stage is so large and its programs so diverse, that over 100,000 children pass through its doors each year to take part in some feature, whether it be taking a class or attending a play.

And this weekend is your last chance to take your children to see Suessical, as its final show will be this Sunday.

Tickets for the show are relatively inexpensive, ranging from $12-27. There are five showings of Suessical this weekend, giving you plenty of chances to catch the popular play. There are three runs on Saturday, at 11:00 a.m, 1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. On Sunday, the show goes on twice, with a performance at 1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

After that, there’s no telling when Doctor Seuss’s magical world will be returning, which is why you should get your kids there at this last opportunity, so they can experience the wonderful Seussical.

– David

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