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Golden Brown and Delicious Serves Food That Is Just That

There’s a new trend that’s sweeping Washington, D.C. and when you first hear about it, it might be confusing. But after further inspection, first bite actually, you will see it’s simply delicious.

All across the capital fried chicken and doughnut shops have been opening. Sweet and salty. Seems like a mismatched pair, right? But when you really think about it, they have more in common than meets the eye. Both are fried, fantastic when piping hot, and both are a comfort food straight from your childhood. Plus, if you mix one and the other, they blend together into something so perfect, you’ll never forget the taste. But you can try them separately if you’d like.

While several different shops are now around to try, the place that’s been drawing the most rave reviews is Golden Brown and Delicious in Dupont Circle. It opened only a month ago and is already one of the more popular spots in the bustling neighborhood. The restaurant takes its name from the foods it fries up, which are supposed to come out looking golden brown and delicious. Spoiler: They always do.

The restaurant is the brainchild of a group that at the moment can do no wrong in this city: Neighborhood Restaurant Group. They own what is currently one of the most popular bars in Washington, Churchkey. They just opened their first brick-and-mortar location of Red Apron Butcher, which had been a farmer’s market-only option for years, and are about to swing upon the door at a brewery next door to Nationals Park.

Golden Brown and Delicious, on Connecticut Avenue, just a block south of Dupont Circle, is where they’ve decided to try their hand at the frying game. The whole space takes up just one floor of a narrow row home, and is complete with exposed brick, wood floors and a wood bar, making for a mellow mood inside.

A trip to Golden Brown and Delicious really depends on what time of day you head there. In the morning, it’s the variety of doughnuts that tempt you, in a glass class right next to the register. These aren’t the standard doughnuts you would expect at a neighborhood bakery. No, these are doughnuts revamped and redesigned. Their Devil’s Food Doughnut comes topped with caramel, honey roasted peanuts and salt, while the Bourbon Butterscotch-Glazed Brioche has on it, of all things, bacon. Of course, those are just a few of the options, and their kitchen is always tinkering, so you might one day find something you never could have imagined.

If it’s around lunchtime though, while the doughnuts will still be available, the focus shifts to fried chicken. And oh boy is it good. There are two options for indulging in the crispy, succulent and juicy birds. The drumstick and thigh option, which comes with flavorful dark meat, or white meat chicken tenders. Both come with a choice of one of GBD’s many sides, which are comfort foods with a modern spin. Take for instance, their version on creamed spinach, which substitutes heartier kale. Somehow, it comes out lighter than the normal dish, but is no less delicious. There is also roasted garlic mash potatoes, pimento mac and cheese and potato salad loaded with bacon (the restaurant loves its bacon).

Served along the chicken is a variety of homemade sauces, from a buffalo wing sauce with Frank’s Red Hot to a twist on Mumbo Sauce, a D.C. delicacy that can only be tasted to be understood.

And what would all this delicious fried food be without beer? The draft selection here is well-though out, exactly what you’d expect from the purveyors of some of the best beer bars in the country. But that’s not the only option. They also stock dozens upon dozens of different bourbons.

Which may seem like a little much on top of all the food, but it’s best to just let it go and enjoy every delicious indulgences of Golden Brown and Delicious.





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