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Guided Georgetown Garden Tours and Bethesda's Arts Are This Weekend's Events

As summer continues its slow march to Washington, weekends get more and more packed with wonderful ways to spend your free time.

Since it’s going to be nice for quite some time, you may want to prioritize, so as not to miss any excellent events. Like some that only come around once a year.

There are two of those events this weekend. One you may have heard of, and should certainly check out, and the other, if you’ve never heard of, will leave you wondering how you went so long without knowing.

The latter takes place in Washington’s most popular weekend spots: Georgetown. But the Georgetown Garden Tour won’t be like your typical trip into the neighborhood.

Everyone who visits Georgetown is familiar with the stretch of stores along M Street, which range from major fashion brands to boutique home goods.

If you walk off that main road, you’re treated to some of the prettiest houses around the city, brick row homes over hundreds of years old. Unless you own one of those places, on any random Saturday, the owners probably would not let you through the front door and explore around.

The exception comes this Saturday during the Georgetown Garden Tour. The Georgetown Garden Tour is an annual spring event that is open to anyone who is interested. It’s one of the oldest annual events in Washington, with this year marking the 85th anniversary. The tour will take you on an all-day walking trip in and around some of the most-well manicured and poshest gardens in Georgetown. All during peak bloom season.

Visitors will see eight private gardens, all from members of the Georgetown Garden Club. Which means that the locations you’ll get to see are no doubt some of the finest in Georgetown, including well-clipped hedges, bright blue pools and all varieties of flowers.

The tour is self-guided, with maps provided, meaning you can take in all the gardens at your leisure. Tickets for the event cost $35, and include an afternoon tea. Don’t’ worry if you’ve yet to purchase one. The event is still open, and you can buy your pass the day of, at Christ Church, at the corner of 31st and O Streets, also where the tour begins. Also included in the price of a ticket is a tour of Dumbarton Oaks, one of Georgetown’s must popular public spaces.

The tour runs from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If flowers and lawns don’t carry any allure for you, that’s quite alright, because another wonderful event is taking place not much farther up the road. The Bethesda Fine Arts Festival will take over downtown Bethesda for the entire weekend, bringing into the city almost 150 different artists.

The fair sets up in the Woodmont Triangle and the range of works on display covers the entire spectrum of producible art. At the Fine Arts Festival, you’ll find talented woodworkers and sculptors, painters and photographers, jewelry and clothing and furniture makers.

During the event, there will be live entertainment, as well as local restaurants setting up booths for food. It’s completely free to attend. On Saturday, the event is open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., while on Sunday, you can visit any time from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

So this weekend, if you want to get to some interesting and special D.C. events that won’t be happening for another year, you’ve got your chance.

All photos are courtesy of the Georgetown Garden Club. Photos are from gardens not currently on tour.

– David




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