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Red Bull Flugtag's First Time in Washington, DC

For the first time since the 1992 Vienna, Austria launch of Red Bull’s Flugtag event, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia residents get to join in on the fun and have one of this year’s showings right in our own backyard. Since these events continue in the footsteps of the majority of Red Bull’s inventive, live-action publicity stunts around the world, Flugtag’s first DC expo promises to be an epic occasion.



Flugtag translates to “Flying Day” in German – Red Bull’s Flugtag event involves the careful selection of teams by event organizers who are tasked to conceptualize/build/ MacGyver a man-made flying machine that will be launched in front of thousands of screaming Red Bull + adrenaline fanatics in the crowd.

For this event, Red Bull’s team has constructed a 30-foot high deck sitting in the middle of the National Harbor that the chosen teams will be flinging their flying crafts off of. While that may not sound like a lot by itself, 30-feet roughly equals the height of a 3 story building.

One last thing to note: these creative flying crafts actually have to be piloted by members of the teams that created them, making you question where Red Bull is finding these people but also ensuring a great show for those in attendance! Teams get ranked on how well and how far their crafts fly as well as getting points for style and creativity, which makes for some interesting flying machine decorations and costumes of the team members. You can learn more about the teams competing at the DC Red Bull homepage.



National Red Bull Flugtag DC is being held at the National Harbor in Maryland, right across the 495 bridge from the southern end of Old Town Alexandria. There is NO PARKING for the general public allowed at the National Harbor for this event thanks to the mass of people expected to attend. Handicap/ADA and VIP event attendees only may park at the National Harbor Plateau.

Red Bull’s event organizers have planned two different locations for event-goers to park or metro to and then be shuttled to the harbor from there. When you purchase your tickets (Living Social has a very easy ordering system and is the exclusive ticket provider) pay attention to which shuttle stop you are selecting so that you know which one to begin at – the options are Eisenhower Metro / Hoffman Town Center on the blue line located in Alexandria (which is the only shuttle location convenient to a metro stop) and Rosecroft Raceway in Maryland.

You can pick up your Living Social event tickets at the shuttle location you selected before boarding the shuttle.


The first DC Flugtag event is set to occur on September 21st, 2013. The shuttles will begin transporting attendees to National Harbor at 10:30 AM but the gates for the event do not open until noon with the first flight launching at 2pm. The event ends at 5pm and shuttles will stop running at 7:30 PM.


There’s a few other things to keep in mind for the event. Since the National Harbor is accessible by the Potomac River there is the option to watch the event from a boat in the river. The Harbor’s South Dock will be closed to boat traffic so if you would like to drop anyone off it must be done at the North Dock. Boat goers have to stay out of the marked off areas to ensure that they’re staying out of the way of potential flight paths, buoy lines will be set to note which areas are off limits.

Food and drink vendors will be located around the event area and seating is first-come-first-serve so be there early to snag a spot for the day. Unfortunately outside coolers and alcohol are not permitted inside the event area.


It appears that Living Social has already sold out of event tickets for the first DC Flugtag event – but I wouldn’t let that deter you if you’re trying to locate some. Ask friends if they have extra tickets or check out Craigslist, Ebay, or other hot ticket sites to make sure you’re not missing out on this awesome day. If you’re seriously interested in tickets, leave a comment below and we’ll see if we can help you find some!

So no matter how you get there, just get there! We’ll see you at the party!

All pictures in this post are owned by Red Bull.

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