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Hop Aboard the Tysons Corner Real Estate Money Train

The Silver Line makes its debut this year, which has many potential homeowners asking what this means for home prices in the neighborhoods affected by the much-talked-about public transit expansion. We know what you’re thinking and you’re right on the money!

If you play your cards right you could be sitting on a cash cow that brings with it increasing property values, an easier commute, more local businesses, walkable town centers, and substantial changes in the outlook of a various communities (think schools for example).

Phase 1 of the Silver Line lies right along the Tysons Corner Corridor, home to the largest shopping mall in the DC Metro area and in the entire state of Virginia. Retail aside, this location is where the headquarters of major multi-billion dollar corporations such as Booz Allen Hamilton, Capital One, Freddie Mac, Hilton Worldwide, and more. Phase 2, which is scheduled for completion by 2018, will extend all the way out to Dulles International Airport and beyond, hitting major towns such as Reston and Herndon along the way.

Whether you’re looking to get into the game and ride the wave of the Tysons Corner expansion or you’re planting a seed for 2018 take a look a the real estate listings we have in these areas to get yourself started.

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