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Silver Spring Residents Strike Gold | ICC Toll Road to Gaithersburg

You won’t come across a single motorist who will sing the praises of a toll road. However, in Montgomery County, somewhere between the screeching tires of the beltway and the bucolic pastures of what many in the DC area call ” out there in the country”, there is an expanse of road that will silently earn the respect of homeowners tired of expensive home prices inflated by Capitol Hill politicians and government analysts.

Not many people realize how large Silver Spring truly is. Traditionalists will say that the city starts right after crossing the DC/MD border and ends well before Wheaton and Kemp Mill to the north. However, those who have laid down roots closer to Aspen Hill know very well that their mail has Silver Spring written on it. Those who don’t believe Silver Spring goes much farther than the beltway are sorely mistaken.  In fact, the much sought-after location is home to more zip codes than you think.

Why does this matter? Because those looking to live in the less expensive parts of Silver Spring are likely to find themselves closer to Randolph Rd than Colesville Rd, which puts them in a prime position to benefit from the Intercounty Connector (ICC).

Construction of the ICC began in 2007. And, while majority of the ICC was completed in 2011, the rest will be completed in 2014. The fully completed road connects Montgomery County to Prince George’s County with the following major locations along its exits:

  • Gaithersburg / Rockville (Connecting to I-370 & I-270)
  • Aspen Hill / Olney
  • Colesville
  • Fairland
  • Laurel (Connecting to I-95)

The Aspen Hill / Olney exit is a short drive from the northernmost Silver Spring addresses previously mentioned. When you add the lower cost of housing in a popular part of the DC suburbs with the ability to place yourself in the heart of places like Rockville and Laurel at much higher speeds (with a direct connection to the interstate) you’ve got the right equation for prime housing opportunities.

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