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Teal for Good in Fredericksburg Means More Than Scarves


What I love most about Teal for Good is the amount of excitement I see from friends and coworkers who take the extra time to give back to the community. This was exemplified earlier this week when a long-time friend came to the Fredericksburg office and graciously agreed to donate 25% of the sales from her small business to our local charity, Rebuilding Together. 

Teal for Good in Fredericksburg Means More Than ScarvesFor as long as I’ve known Adrienne Bergquist, she’s been a fashionista with an eye for making the most out of professional attire and an expert on using her fashion skills to make the best first impressions. So naturally when the Teal for Good initiative began its fundraising efforts through the sale of teal scarves, I immediately thought of her. After learning about our charity, Rebuilding Together, she offered to come to our office in Fredericksburg and display all of the fashionable ways we could accessorize our scarves with her Premier Designs jewelry. She even took it a step further by graciously agreeing to make an exclusive 25% donation of the sales of her jewelry (during her visit) to our charity.

We combined our sales meeting with the Teal for Good/Premier Designs event earlier this week and everyone in attendance loved it! Not only were we having fun discovering the many ways we could wear our teal scarves, we got a chance to view, sample and purchase some of her beautiful jewelry while helping our charity all at the same time.

I’m thankful to have such a generous friend and I’m happy for the opportunity to give back to the community in a way that gets people excited. If requested, she has agreed to visit our six other offices and offer another exclusive 25%  donation from the sales of necklaces, earrings, pins and other jewelry she has in her collection to their respective charities.

It seems as if Teal for Good is taking off in more ways than one!

To contact Adrienne Bergquist, you can reach her by phone, 703-909-8682 or by email at albjewelry4U@cox.net. To view her catalog of jewelry visit www.adrienneb.mypremierdesigns.com.

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