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Teal for Good: Giving Back to the Community | Centreville

Ever since their son was in his late teens, Becky and John* noticed something wasn’t quite right. He was having behavioral issues and outbursts and they couldn’t place their finger on the problem. After many years, thousands of dollars spent, and more doctors’ visits than they could count, they finally received the news that their son, now in his mid twenties, had Schizophrenia. With this disease, the risk of homelessness for their son increases dramatically. Fortunately, there are organizations dedicated to preventing this from happening. One such organization, The Brain Foundation, is located right here in Centreville. And if it wasn’t for the Teal for Good charity they never would have known about it.

As a Real Estate Agent, I have formed personal relationships with many of my clients including, Becky and John. We’ve been friends for years, ever since I found a home for them to buy here in Centreville. While catching up over coffee, I shared with them the charity we are supporting at our Centreville office through the Teal for Good initiative. I told them that giving back to our local communities has always been important to me. And that with the Teal for Good initiative, 50% of the cost of our teal scarves will be going to The Brain Foundation, which will inevitably help provide affordable housing for those suffering from serious brain diseases, such as schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders, and are homeless or vulnerable to becoming homeless.

Since their son’s diagnosis was so recent, I hadn’t a clue as to why Becky and John were so pleased when I mentioned the charity. But after discussing their son I soon realized how close to home the Teal for Good charity and its connection to The Brain Foundation hit for my friends. And as it turned out, prior to our conversation they had no idea such an organization existed right in their backyard!

It feels good knowing that Teal for Good has created a meaningful connection that otherwise would not have been made. It’s because of this connection Becky and John will be looking into The Brain Foundation as a possible resource for their son in the future.

I look forward to more happy stories like this as we continue our Teal for Good initiative and know that with every teal scarf purchased and worn, my fellow agents and I will have the opportunity to change lives for the better.

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