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Six Attributes Needed to Succeed in Real Estate

Over the years I have been asked many times, “What makes a successful Realtor®,” and, “What are the traits needed to become an award-winning agent.” Before dialoguing on traits or attributes, however, I feel it’s important to really focus on what you want in life and truly ask yourself, “Do I have the passion, desire, and motivation to pursue this business as a career?” If you don’t like interacting with people, are afraid to “put yourself out there,” struggle to find motivation, can’t take rejection or wallow in failure, you run the risk of having your world filled with negativity. These thoughts will then become your reality and inevitably, as the English writer James Allen said in As a Man Thinketh, “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” Ultimately, YOU are the only person responsible for your success in this business. While a great company or coach can guide you, if you don’t have an overwhelming DRIVE to implement what you learn, success will be tough to achieve.

With that said, here are the six attributes I feel resonate best with consumers and help build a very successful real estate business:

  1. Having a Quest for Education and a Problem-Solver Mindset. Knowledge will empower you and increase your skill sets. In today’s world, the consumer has access to an incredible amount of information regarding the home buying and selling process. The best agents bring a vast repertoire of knowledge to add value, offer opinions and help consumers navigate an increasingly complex transaction. The real estate transaction has a lot of moving parts with multiple people touching it. Great agents research, anticipate issues, identify problem areas and offer solutions and negotiating strategies as needed.
  2. Have Honesty and Integrity ingrained in all your business dealings? Need I say more?
  3. You need to be a Self-Motivated Entrepreneur. If you feel you have that, look for a bottom-up company where your great ideas and proactive spirit of entrepreneurship can, and will, flourish.
  4. Be a Responsive Communicator. A few years ago at our annual awards ceremony, AveryHess did a few short video clips interviewing some of our top producers asking them what made them successful in the previous year. To this day, the answer that still brings a smile to my face was, “I return phone calls.”
  5. Be Organized. Time is our greatest commodity. You need to plan it, schedule it, and adhere to it.
  6. Have a Commitment to Helping People. Changes in peoples’ lives often necessitate changes in their housing needs. Take the time to achieve greater connectivity and have a focus on impacting lives, then watch your referral business grow. Remember the old saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”


While not a trait per se, you should definitely be committed to having a written business plan and following it. Having this will give you structure and keep you on track with the daily and weekly activities necessary to build and manage your business.

This is a fabulous business, with unlimited potential for those spirited individuals looking for greater opportunity, more fulfilling life, and the freedom and flexibility to pursue a different path. The key is your willingness to embody or improve upon the attributes above.

Happy Selling!

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