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Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Top Agent?

What does it take to become a Real Estate agent, and what do the successful ones have in common? To learn more, we sat down with the Vice President of AveryHess, Realtors, Katja Hom, who has experience onboarding new agents, seasoned agents transferring from other brokerages, and everyone in between.

According to the National Association of Realtors, there are approximately 2 million licensed agents in the United States. With an increasingly competitive field, the cream still rises to the top. How they do that remains a mystery to some, but Hom believes she found a commonality between AveryHess, Realtors’ top performers.

Describing some of the top agents she’s met, Hom says that they all are true to themselves. None are imitating others, trying out certain personas, or fudging opinions.

“That’s one of the key components of being an agent: don’t lose sight of who you are… you can’t help someone if you’re not truthful to yourself and honest,” says Hom.

She says being genuine is paramount even to good people skills, although those are important too. In fact, Hom provides more advice about relating to potential clients: Listen.

“You have to be better at listening than at talking… Good agents, I think, sit back and listen to what the client has to say.”

These skills, including comfort in your own skin and the ability to communicate with those around you, are developed by good agents over time. Some traits Hom thinks give a new agent the potential to become incredibly successful in their career are open-mindedness, willingness to invest in marketing, and patience.

What are signs that someone would make a good agent? Hom offers, “What I usually look for is someone who looks open-minded and knows they’re not going to take home tens of thousands of dollars in the first few months. They’re going to give a lot of input before they get much back.”

If you want to get involved with a brokerage that can foster and develop your skills and turn you into a top producer, email joinus@averyhess.com. For the full interview with Katja Hom, full of more tips and tricks of the trade, check out the link below.


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