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How to Stay Motivated When You Are Your Own Boss

When you start in real estate, or any business for that matter, you invest time, money, and hours studying and networking to get your business off the ground. It takes a lot of motivation to get started, but that’s the sort of motivation that comes easy for most of us. We do what we need to do when there is a goal in sight – in this example, that goal is becoming a Realtor. However, when the goal is less clear, the lines tend to get a little blurred.

Once you get your “dream job” and sign with the best brokerage out there (AveryHess, Realtors of course!), action items can seem hard to come by. You no longer need to pass a test, impress the owner, and file all of your paperwork. You work on your own time and your own dime, so everything becomes a bit more optional. Here are some ways to keep yourself motivated and accountable when the going gets tough.

Get a notebook that will keep you organized

We recommend something like the Panda Planner (amazon.com) to help you keep your monthly, weekly, and daily goals accounted for. Each day, you can review what went well about the day and week before and work to make this day even more productive. With timelines, to do lists, and priorities all laid out, something like the Panda Planner will keep even the least motivated amongst us organized.

Find an accountability buddy

For some, this can be a friend, spouse, or even someone in the business. At AveryHess, we have a mentor program that allows our newbies to work with seasoned agents and learn tricks of the trade. That person can also hold you accountable when it comes to work: Are you shadowing the right number of open houses? Have you ordered your business cards yet? You can even make it a competition: Find a fellow agent and see who can accomplish more goals in 30 days. The loser buys pizza!

Use a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)

Find a system that works for you. CRMs are low cost and walk you through what activities are necessary day by day. Whether it’s reaching out to your sphere of influence, knocking on doors around your neighborhood, or following up with leads, it can all be tracked and organized in a handy-dandy CRM.

Seek out motivation on the best place to find it – the Internet!

Don’t let free resources pass you by: Find online forums for other self-employed people like yourself and start chatting with them about how they stay on top of their work. Look up motivational quotes when you want to get started on a project but just can’t find the drive. There is so much out there to help you connect with others and keep yourself ahead of the game, don’t let the opportunity to take advantage pass you by.

Attend trainings at your brokerage

At AveryHess, we offer free weekly, monthly, and quarterly trainings ranging from mold remediation to listing presentations to social media competency. Find the right fit for yourself and take advantage of what trainings that brokerage offers. Make it a priority so you can stay on top of the game wherever you’re located.

Want more tips and tricks? Email follow up or new questions to marketing@averyhess.com! Happy Motivation Monday!

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