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REALTORS ARE NOT CAR SALESMAN: Avoiding Gimmicks And Ploys To Get The Help You Want

Have you ever seen a real estate advertisement claiming “We will save you $10,000 or give you $1000 back at settlement!” or “We guarantee to sell your home or we will BUY IT FROM YOU!” Sometimes you get an 800 number to call for home sale information, prompting you for phone numbers and address, as well as when you are looking to buy a home? These are very clever sales techniques that have popped up over the past few years during the real estate bubble, and sales coaches in real estate still peddle this product like old-fashioned snake oil.

If you hate sleazy sales techniques as opposed to actual information, then the previous three examples are important to avoid. You will get a licensed agent who can impress you with big numbers but may only have a successful sale one out of every three listings or buyers they come across. Wouldn’t you hate to be part of this Realtor’s failure rate that equals no sale of your property or no new home for you to occupy? It may not cost you any money to pay him, but it can cost you time, which is often just as valuable.

The most important sales technique is honesty. The second most is offering a product to a client that they actually want and will use. Web-based technology for buyers and sellers to get hands-on information about the real estate market is what people are now demanding. The age-old drama of sleazy salesmen pushing you to take a deal that they make sound good doesn’t fly.

Investors should not get suckered into paying for foreclosure information- especially outdated information. Realtors get up-to-date information about short sales and foreclosures every day as part of their membership in the local MLS. Investors should find Realtors who are familiar with investor lingo and technique. A savvy Realtor can help an investor get local information on rental pricing to make the best possible decision with their money. Paying for foreclosure information is the same technique used to sell other snake-oil products on a web site that has promised you everything from gift cards to iPhones and free hotel vacations after making some absurd purchases for the junk you don’t want or even need. Use free foreclosure information from a website like AveryHess and get in touch with a Realtor to help you.


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