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Use Existing Tools to “Game” Your Way to Real Estate Success

We all know exactly what we want our lives to look like and we know exactly how to get there. If a person is trying to lose weight, they know that the best way to do that is lower their caloric intake and spend more active time throughout the day. If someone’s goal is to get more sleep, all they need to do is put themselves to bed 8+ hours before they need to be up in the morning. Big lifestyle changes are not complicated, but that doesn’t make them easy.

If the lifestyle change you want to commit to is building your business, you know exactly how to make that happen. Log into your CRM every day, reach out to your sphere of influence, make 18 contacts a year with prospects, and send out marketing materials regularly to your geographic and database farms. What is so difficult about that?

Just like dieting or going to bed earlier, these concepts are simple in theory. Taking action, especially when any of these “resolutions” are new habits, can be the step that holds someone back from attaining their goal. So instead of relying on wavering motivation and the guilt of not completing your daily tasks, let’s turn to easily available tools to help us make our goals happen.

A tool we suggest is the app Habitica. You can log into Habitica on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. All of the data will sync no matter which platform you use, so you can easily keep track of your habits no matter where you are. Habitica helps you track your habits and rewards users as they progress into habit-forming behaviors.

While your CRM is absolutely a tool for success, using it regularly is where most agents fall short. Instead, make logging in one of your goals in Habitica. Users can set daily goals, like logging into a CRM, and weekly/monthly goals, like creating marketing pieces and newsletters to send to geographic and database farms. Habitica will remind users of these goals and reinforce positive behavior with in-app rewards. It truly makes forming habits fun!

Finally, Habitica can help those who struggle with creating a healthy work-life balance, as many of the habits they suggest building encourage focusing on physical and mental wellbeing. Check out Habitica today and see if it helps you stick to your goals! Send any feedback or alternative tools you love to marketing@averyhess.com.


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