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Beware of SCAM CALLS!

Did you know that Microsoft, HP, Symantec, McAfee, or Any such company will NEVER Call You On The Phone and say “we’ve discovered a problem with your computer”? NEVER!!!

If you receive one of these calls (and they will be on the rise in the coming months as the holidays approach), they will direct you to type commands they specify into your computer… Do NOT do Anything that they tell you to do. They are trying to get you to let them into your computer to steal information (including account usernames, passwords, banking, credit cards, email, contacts, etc)… Do Not Let Them!!!

Additionally, Do NOT answer Any Questions they ask. This is another technique they use to extract information they can use to try different methods to steal your accounts and money. Give them NOTHING!

The Best thing you can do when you receive one of these calls is Hang Up.

Not A Sermon… Just A Thought.

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